Short update

A little note for the people on my “protected list”…

seems as if things with the visa are moving forward. I’ve had a short talk with my boss today and I forwarded him some information about the application process. I’ll keep you updated.

  1. That is great!!! :-) Have wonderful easter! :-)

  2. That is awesome news! Have you told your parents yet? I think my tax filing is a little screwed up anyways because they listed the $$ under nonemployee compensation. Ah well. I’ll figure something out on the IRS website – hopefully.
    Ach ja, hab auch mit?you-know-who ge-emailt!!

  3. That’s good to hear!I thought a card wouldn’t be personal enough but others have suggested that too so maybe that would be a way. I will think about it. :/ If only I was better about openly expressing my emotions to them.

  4. hi süße,
    Frohe Ostern wünsch ich dir…danke für deinen B-day-gruß und alles Gute auch nochmal nachträglich?für dich :-)? war ganz schön geschockt als ich erfahren hab wie alt du geworden bist..hihi..denn das hätte ich echt nicht gedacht ;-) *Respect*

  5. That’s awesome hun :) sooo happy for you :-) I hope things go ok when you tell your folks… but I am sre it will cause they love you and want you to be happy :-)
    Hugs and kisses

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