Movie recommendation

Hey there… just stopping by to wish you all a nice weekend :-)

Not too much happened since Wednesday, so I’ll leave it like this. I just wanted to recommend a movie to you that we watched Wednesday night – it’s called “Thunderheart” and here is what it is about:

Tough but moving, Thunderheart is an unusual story about an arrogant FBI agent (Val Kilmer) who participates in a federal investigation of a murder on an Oglala Sioux reservation. Kilmer’s character is part Sioux himself, a detail that leaves him cold as he sets about pushing his way through the community to find facts on the case. In time, however, he begins to feel an ethnic tug and grows increasingly sympathetic to the locals and hostile toward his fellow G-men, much to the dismay of his agency mentor (Sam Shepard). The script is based on real events that occurred on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975 in South Dakota.

Really good movie and Val Kilmer is brilliant -as always.

  1. hope you’re having a nice weekend so far. Lovies, Marie.

  2. Hey Sista – Hope you are having a good weekend :-) – will have to check out Thunderheart – it looks great :-)…. I saw “Hide and Seek” last night with Robert Deniro….. very chilling thiller….. I had to keep grabbing Greg’s hand to put over my eyes lol
    Miss you tonz… Hi & Hugs to Jon

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