A nice visit

Yesterday J and Chris went to Napa Valley… Oh how, I wished I could have gone with them. Which makes me think: Why didn’t I take the day off? I had originally planned to take today off and go to SF with my friend Ilka, but since she canceled her plans and didn’t come to visit me from Wednesday to Friday I ended up working both days. BUMMER!

We had a fun time though with J’s brother. The two are so funny around each other… there are not two brothers on this face of the earth that could be more different than these two ;)
Tuesday night we went for a walk at Oldtown which is a really beautiful part of Sacto, although it was kind of boring this time as everything was closed already (shops, coffee-shops…etc.) and not many people were out. Only a few restaurants were open and we decided to have some Mexican food at a place we had been to before.

Yesterday they picked me up from work and I gave them a little tour of my office… Chris was really impressed (as most people that I show around here!! ) and he liked all the great posters that we have on our walls.
We had some appetizers when we got home, because they bought a hell lot of stuff in St. Helena at one of these tiny Delicatessen-shops… ham and cheese and fresh baguette. It was delicious! We started watching the “State of the Union”- speech by Bush at 6 pm, but switched over to the Simpson’s after a while. I think I don’t need to explain which of the two was more entertaining… (although I find Bush quite funny). Later that night I made some Spaghetti Alfredo with Spinach and Shrimp and a big salad which were really good, too, and we all felt kind of stuffed afterwards.
J had to lie down (he felt kind of sick) and Chris and I watched an episode of “Law and Order” and then one episode of “Sex and the City” (because I missed the first show Tuesday night).
This morning J took his brother to the airport again… that’s how fast three days go by! Oh well. It was great to see him anyways!

  1. Klingt nach jeder Menge Spaß! :-D Aber auch meine Frage… warum hast Du Dir nicht einfach frei genommen, wenn es sowieso schon geplant war?! Und .. hast Du was gegen JBJ? ;-)

  2. Has Chris gone back to China now? must be hard being so far away from family… oh that’s a stupid thing to say given that you are so far away from yours so you know exactly how hard it is :-( but you know what I mean :-)
    miss you

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