Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a blast! J and I spent the Christmas weekend with J’s parents which was really nice. Friday night we went to church (where J’s Mom is the minister) and it was a really nice service with lots of music and singing. After that we had a really un-traditional Christmas dinner at the “Korean BBQ” :)
J’s Mom had another service at 11:00 p.m., so there was no time to cook. The food was great though – even if I never had Korean food for Christmas before *lol*
The next day we went to visit some of J’s relatives and in the evening we had a big Christmas dinner and after that we exchanged presents. It was so much fun and I got some really nice things… a Pearl Jam DVD from J, tea, books, gift certificate and stuff from his parents.

Sunday we went to see Alicia for the last time, because she’s flown out to Germany on Monday, the 27th. She was so excited and nervous who wouldn’t be?
We had a great time with her and I hope she’ll have a wonderful start in Germany.

We spent the whole last week with J’s friend Aaron in Malibu. Aaron’s grandma has an apartment right at the beach (you have a beautiful view from the deck) and she let us stay there for a couple of days.
J and Aaron had planned to convert the apartment into their own little music studio and the made music the whole week. J sings (some of you have heard him already ) and Aaron plays the guitar. They both are really great together.
I was pretty much lazy… slept a lot, read my book, did some scrapbooking and relaxed. It was raining the whole time (which is untypical for Malibu), but it was nice and cozy in the apartment, so I didn’t care too much.

Wednesday the rain took a break and so we spent some time in Santa Monica, went to the pier, took a stroll on the beach and J invited us to a ride on the ferry wheel. It was awesome!

New Year’s Eve was really quiet this time, because it was just the three of us, but we had a fantastic time anyways. We had a great dinner, listened to some music and J and Aaron performed for me… who can say they had a private concert on New Year’s?? *lol*

We drove back to Sacramento yesterday. Although we expected a lot of traffic, it wasn’t too bad – the only annoying thing was the rain. It seems like California is under one big cloud right now. Oh well. I guess that’s the Californian winter and it means that there is lots of snow in the mountains… which is good news, since J and I want to go skiing in the Sierra in two weeks. It’ll be J’s first time and he’s sooo excited. Me, too by the way!

So again, Happy New Year and all the best for 2005!!

  1. Looks like 2005 will be the year we keep in regular contact :) makes up for my slackness in 2004…. I know its only January 4th but ya gotta be positive lol

  2. Hey, yeah Lifehouse are really great, my favorite band! :)I’ll subscribe to your xanga, hope you don’t mind.

  3. Hehe I first thought, what is she talking about? But then I saw you commented on my other post.

  4. Haha no problem. If I had two xangas, it would happen to me sooner or later, too. I hate having to log in and out constantly. That is also why, if I do have two accounts at one site, I use Firefox for one account and IE for the other. (Like on LiveJournal, I have two accounts there.)

  5. Hey, yeah I’m German and right now in Germany. Tomorrow I’m going back to the States though. Until June. I’m just an exchange student at OU for a year. So I would be able to read your German xanga (the language) but it said you have no posts there when I looked at it.

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