Oh well… I am really, really sorry that I haven’t updated this blog in over a month! I think I almost completely forgot about it. Not intentionally though…

Well, since only one or two people are reading it anyways, it doesn’t matter too much, does it?

The last month just flew by… I don’t know where the time went. It’s amazing how sometimes you don’t even notice. Well, I guess that’s not true. I had a few pretty good times these last few weeks… I just didn’t tell you about them. The main news with work is… there is no news! I had a long talk with my supervisor on Thursday and let’s say: I put the screws on.

I really need to know what’s going on. Gerald goes on vacation in less than two weeks and I don’t know anything yet. He seemed pretty uncomfortable and embarrassed when I talked to him and he more or less promised me that he’ll have some news for me today. But he hasn’t even talked to me all day. Now it’s me again who has to walk up to him and ask him about the situation. I hate it :(

J and I had an awesome weekend in Ventura. In fact, we spent quite a bit of time there the last month. It’s just so much nicer than hanging out in Davis on the weekends. We had great food (J’s Mom is an excellent cook!), went to the beach, relaxed… just all these great things you do on the weekend -I love it. Also, we took Highway 1 back to Davis yesterday… it was so worth it. We stopped several times to take pictures and just enjoy the view. The Californian Coast is gorgeous! Then we had a nice seafood dinner which was just delicious in Monterey @ Fisherman’s Wharf.

I promise I won’t neglect this blog for so long again. Hang on!

  1. hey sweety,
    i am crossing my fingers! still! holding my thumbs! hope to hear good news soon!
    hugs ;o)

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