“Open House”

It’s Thursday already… the weekend is almost there that is great… although I must admit that the last two days were really laid back. We had the “Open House” on Tuesday and it was fantastic! Everything worked out great! I mean there is ALWAYS something that could have been better, but over all things went nearly perfect. I got to meet the director of the whole U.S. Geological Survey and we shook hands wow! Everyone was really pleased with our new ‘Western Remote Sensing and Visualization Center’ and they were impressed by our graphics and my animations …it was so cool.

Yesterday our supervisor took us out for lunch. We went to ‘Chevy’s” and it was delicious… way too much food though. I got my doggie bag to take home and J liked the leftovers. Today and tomorrow will be pretty quiet days, because my supervisor took two days off and my other co-worker went on a field trip. So it’s only me and one other guy here… it’s kind of cool!

  1. Don’t you love these quiet days? ;-)

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