1. Your Spices


Well, these would be my Mom’s spices again… since I am still stuck in Germany and can’t take a picture of the really pretty spice rack that we have in our apartment in LA. I love my Mom’s spice cabinet, because you can almost find anything in there that you need for fun cooking :)

2. Salt and Pepper


Well… I really thought about this one for a while and didn’t really know what to do about this second assignment… I hope you like what I came up with ;)

3. Add a little spice to your picture.


This is the result of playing around with one of my recent pictures [showing me and my friend Annie] and the link that Kristine posted. I do have photoshop, but I wanted to try this out ;)

So, did you PLAY???

One thing I need to talk about is: We’ll have a Subway in my town soon. I would never have thought that we would get a place like that in my town [since it’s pretty small and I’ve only seen Subway in the big cities in Germany]… but I’ve seen the signs up and it will be opened soon! This is so great! If they would mind opening a Starbucks here, too?! ;)

The last few days were pretty busy… I was tutoring again for two hours a day and then we went to a birthday on Wednesday night, paid a visit to my great-aunt yesterday [my sister and I usually go grocery shopping with her and then stay for some cappuccino afterwards] and last night I went to the movies with my friend Ira. We watched “Pirates of the Caribbean II“. I loved it! Johnny Depp is just awesome as Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s just cracking me up. It’s like this role was just custom-made for him! I am usually always very critical of sequels to movies, but this was a work of art again! [I just wish I could have seen it in English – dubbing just takes so much away].

  1. Very clever S&P! I also love your “spiced up” photo.

    I played.

  2. I LOVED your salt & pepper one! So creative :-)

    I love Jack Sparrow, too!

    I played!

  3. I’m drooling over the Goldsaft in your mom’s cupboard. A few years ago my grandma brought my mom some Goldsaft back from her visit… it used to be my mom’s favorite… and I almost ate all of it!!!

    Great S+P!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. *smooch* – i commented over at your xanga :)

  5. cute s&p picture
    happy spf
    I played

  6. I love Capt. Jack Sparrow, too. Yummy!!

    Your salt and pepper are very creative. Good one.

    I played, too.

  7. Your S and P photo is wonderful! It looks professional.
    Great SPF and thanks for stopping by mine. :-)

  8. I like how your Mom’s cupboard looks just like an American one, but everything is in German.

  9. I can’t load your pictures but if JDepp is there I must see it!

    I’ll try again later.

    I played.

  10. Nice SPF! I love the salt and pepper!

    I played!

  11. Love your salt and pepper!

    I played too.

  12. Love the S&P picture, very original!! Awesome spiced up pic too!! Congrats on Subway, I love them.

    Happy SPF and thanks for stopping by!

  13. Nice pictures…that S&P is GREAT! I played :)

  14. Great SPF — the salt and pepper was so clever, especially! You are making me feel I need to see what my Photoshop will do. Enjoy the subway when it comes to your town (and do lobby for the Starbucks). ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Awesome salt & pepper idea! That’s a great idea…
    We played!

  16. Thanks for visiting me :)
    I love your spiced up pic, its great. The Salt and Pepper one is also imaginative :)

  17. You kick ass! I love the salt and pepper, and GREAT spicin’ up the picture.
    Our cupboards look so much alike!!

  18. S P way kool! and the Charlies Angels is cute too! Come see mine! I’m finally getting around to visiting SPF’s!

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