Current Favorites Vol.7

It’s been a while, 8 months to be exact since I shared some of my favorite things. These kinds of posts are always a hit with me, so I am hoping they’re a hit with you too, because good things need to be shared widely and freely!

1) You’re probably not surprised that the Natural Life Rainbow Mug made this list. I’ve mentioned it a few times. I bought it for myself when it went on sale last year after it sat in my shopping cart for quite a while (I like to really contemplate every purchase, haha) and I am so glad I bought it because it makes me so happy. One of my favorite mugs for sure.

2) I mentioned a few times that I’ve been on a bit of a Cinnamon Raisin bagel kick lately. They’re just so tasty (I don’t even toast them, just spread a little bit of butter on top.) I buy the one from TJs. They’re pretty good (although freshly baked ones are even better, of course).

3) I bought a new kitchen scale (at Aldi in Germany) which replaces my old one. The old one was working fine but wasn’t able to handle my (heavy) Kitchenaid glass bowl. This new one has a higher weighing capacity (8 kg/17.6 lbs), different measurement units (kg, ml, lb, oz, fl. oz), a tare function (which recalibrates the display, and consequently, the balance of the current load, to zero (0)), and an automatic switch-off. Game-changer. It’s perfect for cooking and baking. 

4) I’ve been listening to the new Pearl Jam ‘Dark Matter’ Album for the last month now and it’s just so fantastic, everything I want from a music album. They still got it, Eddie still got it. Go and have a listen. (How in the world did I not know realize that Kyria was a fellow PJ fan until recently?? What’s your favorite song?)

5) I wore a pair of shoes from my sister while I was in Germany (you can only pack so many pairs of shoes) and fell in love with Vans again. I used to have a couple of pairs when I was younger. Chance would have it that my cousin had a pair of Berle Pro Vans (no longer available) that were practically brand-new that he wasn’t wearing and he asked if I wanted them. Luckily for me, we happen to wear the same shoe size, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to take them off his hands. 

6) I really love the Wet’n’Wild 5 in 1 Essence Primer + Finish Powder. It’s translucent, evens out your skin tone, and really takes away any unwanted shine. 

7) I’ve been singing the praises of this Arugula-Tuna-Salad for months now and see myself continuing to make it a lot this summer. It’s so easy to put together and the combination of arugula with tomatoes, onions, and tuna is just so, so good.  It’s an easy lunch, but also a dinner option when paired with a fresh baguette. Yum. Are you a fan of arugula? Not everybody likes it, I was told (WHAT?). 

8) I finally bought a bread/food slicer a few weeks ago and I honestly don’t know what took me so long. I’ve been baking my own bread for years now and have always cursed under my breath when I cut it with a regular knife (even though I’ve gotten quite good at it) because a bread slicer just makes it so much easier to cut even (thinner) slices. And you can also use it to cut hard cheeses and deli meats. 

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites, and I paid for the items with my own money.


  1. The mug is beautiful. I haven’t had a bagel of any flavor in forever. Our local bagel shop went out of business, replaced by a Star$, and since then I’ve pouted and done without. That slicer looks like it means business!

    1. The mug is really one of my favorites right now and I understand that you’ve been pouting about the closing of your local bagel shop. That is something to pout about!

  2. These all look fun, and the shoes are cute! I have a slicer similar to yours, and I love it.

    1. Oh yay, I am glad to hear someone else has a food slicer – it seems like such a novelty to people ;)

  3. I have a kitchen scale similar to that, and it is so easy to use. I like arugula (we call it rocket here), but yes, some people don’t like the bitter flavour I think.

    That slicer is next level. I used to make bread all the time and we usually buy unsliced bread but I love a nice thick slice.

    1. I agree, a nice, thick slice of fresh bread is divine too (esp. sourdough) but since I make a lot of rye and whole grain bread, which is way easier to cut with a slicer, I finally thought it was time to invest :)

      I am so happy to hear you’re also using your kitchen scale quite a bit. I just can’t with the cup measurements here in the US – it’s just not accurate enough. LOL

  4. the bread slicer looks soooo cool! I always ask to slice bread when buying it from a bakery as I can’t slice it right.
    i miss some good bagels, will get some when I go to the US next month.

    1. Yes, a lot of bakeries in Germany do slice the bread in store so that’s another option but I feel like it keeps better if you don’t have it pre-sliced, you know?

  5. I am having a MOMENT with tuna and have been combining it with the arugula we have in the fridge right now. Yum. Such an amazing combo.

    1. Love that you’re loving the combo too!

  6. I do love arugula! I don’t eat fish though. I have so much kale, romaine, and spinach right now, it’s all greens all the time around here!

    1. I’ll forever be envious of your garden’s abundance, Nicole!

  7. We have a kitchen scale and I’m surprised by how much I use it in and out of the kitchen. I use to weigh packages for shipping a lot!

    The people who owned our house before us planted so much arugula in the beds by our backdoor. I do not care for arugula and have been trying to eradicate it for the last five years, but it is hardy and comes back every year. *sigh* I assure it that the smell is unpleasant after a bit.

    1. Haha, I use the kitchen scale for measuring packages, too! :)

      And I wish I could take that arugula off your hands. I should try and plant some, if you say it’s so hard to get rid off :)

  8. I feel so so about arugula. I wouldn’t want an entire salad of it but if it is mixed in with other things, I like it. I don’t know if I have ever bought a container of it, though. I usually get a spring mix instead since I don’t love its peppery taste!

    I don’t love Pearl Jam – they are a little too “rock” for me? I’m more of an acoustic guitar or singer/song writer type of person. When I worked for Target HQ, they had meetings twice a year and would bring in big artists and the one meeting I attended, Pearl Jam performed. But it had to be an awful crowd experience for the band as everyone just sat in their seats… But if I had to pick a favorite song, I would say Even Flow.

    1. Haha, I buy containers of arugula and even snack on it raw sometimes. I know I am weird :)

      OMG, and I can’t believe you never told me that you saw PJ in such an intimate setting. Color me jealous. That sounds like such an amazing experience. They do have some acoustic songs that you’d probably like, btw.

  9. I love favorite things posts! It’s so fun to see what you are loving.
    I’m bookmarking your salad recipe right now! It looks delicious and seems like an easy lunch.

    1. Super-easy lunch! And yes, I also enjoy the favorite things post so much.. it’s always fun to see what other’s are loving!

  10. I’m not a huge fan of arugula – sorry! I don’t mind it AS much if it’s mixed with other stuff but I don’t seek it out!

    A food slicer seems like such a great thing to own since you bake bread so much. I’m glad you made that purchase!

    1. It’s ok – I know arugula is not everybody’s cup of tea ;)

  11. Oh that salad. I remember when you shared it but I haven’t made it yet. So thanks for the reminder.

    And cinnamon raison balles sound fantastic.

    Congrats on scoring some Vans.

  12. That food slicer is amazing! Your beautiful bread surely appreciates a beautiful slice, too! I think I would like that for cheeses because try as I might, I do not do a good job on slicing them, especially when they are hard cheeses.

    I love the Vans. They look like a great casual shoe that is comfy and functional… shoes that I find are impossible to find. How nice that you can share shoes with family members! That’s a great re-use!

    1. Cheese is hard to slice unless you want big chunks LOL (the food slicer does a good job though on hard cheeses. I use it to cut gouda.)

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