Currently | May

CELEBRATING |  my parents’ 50th anniversary earlier this month and also our 18th anniversary yesterday! I cannot believe we’ve been married for this long. Where does the time go? 

DRINKING | coffee + water. 

EATING | homemade lemon cottage cheese ice cream. OMG. You guys need to try this TJs recipe (I like it simple and did without the Meyer lemon cookie thins and crushed almonds, I only used whipped cottage cheese and lemon curd). This is so good and refreshing and tastes like frozen cheesecake.  

EXCITED | to start Power Zone training and a new run training plan. It was nice to take a break from structured training but I really thrive on executing workout plans. I started the Team Wilpers Summer Run Challenge yesterday and the next Power Zone Challenge starts next week.

THANKFUL | I got to spend time with Tanja in person this month. I mean we ‘see’ each other on the Peloton all the time but it’s just not the same ;)

HAPPY | to ride my outdoor bike again this summer. I cleaned it and tuned it up last week and l started riding it to work again (once a week) and hopefully to the Farmers Market again soon. 

STOKED | to have access to the gym again. Jon upgraded his membership, which includes a “buddy pass” for a small membership fee increase. It means I can now join him when he goes to the gym (without having to get my own membership) and will be able to use everything the gym offers. I am particularly excited to have access to a tread again and more importantly the rower. I tried out a Peloton beginner rowing class on a rower at a hotel gym a few weeks ago and it was so fun. 

LISTENING TO | the new ‘Dark Matter’ album by Pearl Jam.

LOOKING FORWARD | to spending some more time in our backyard. I cleaned up the patio this weekend and can’t wait to sit out there with my morning coffee more often.

READING | in bed. Is there a more relaxed way to start the day?

HOPING | for a ceasefire in Gaza. I can’t believe how long this has been going on now. The news has been so horrific and this situation has constantly been on my mind. I feel helpless, and the people who “can” do something don’t seem to be doing anything to stop the violence.

How was your May?


  1. I know we’ve both just felt the heaviness of all the things happening in the world. It really does weigh down my spirit.
    BUT! So many happy things here. Your love of Peloton and all the wonderful relationships you foster via that platform. Not to mention you KICK BUTT in terms of physical activity.
    Love that you and Jon can go to the gym together, you were able to go back to Germany for such a special anniversary. And congrats to you! Wow! 18 years. Isn’t it crazy how quickly time can pass in retrospect?!

    1. I know, focusing on the positive things does help with the gloom and doom, doesn’t it?
      Thank you for your kind words re: exercise and also our anniversary.

  2. Your patio/backyard looks so nice! It makes me wish we had a flat backyard, but oh well (we are on a massive hill). We do have a nice paved patio area on the flat part of our backyard. Eventually I’d like to get an outdoor sectional as it’s a nice place to hang out in the summer since our backyard is shaded thanks to our huge oak tree.

    Happy Anniversary! 18 years! Your marriage can vote! ;) We hit 7 in May.

    May was an ok month? I had a cluster of travel at the start that was on the cluster of travel in late April so the month got off to a hectic start but the 2nd half of the month has been much better. I have really learned that I need to space out my travel more. It’s not good for anyone for me to be gone 3 weeks in a row like I was in late April/early May.

    1. Yes, an outdoor sectional is the next thing on my wish list – even more inviting than the patio setup we have right now.

      Thank you for the anniversary wishes… and right back at you :)

      I hear you on spacing out travel… it’s hard to be gone so much (esp. with kids, I can imagine).

  3. That recipe sounds really refreshing for hot summer days, will need to give it a try.
    Congratulations on 18 years, that is so wonderful! I love reading in bed and your backyard looks very inviting and I would definitely enjoy hanging out there.

    1. Thank you for the anniversary wishes and the comment about our backyard. I do like to sit out there (when it’s not a gazillion degrees LOL).

  4. Happy anniversary! I’m so glad you got your husband to cooperate with a celebratory photo.
    May has been a very confusing month for me and I’m struggling to process it. But onward to the official start of summer and warmer days!

    1. Haha, me too (re: the photo)… that’s not always a given.

  5. Happy, happy anniversary to both you and your parents! It’s truly something to celebrate!!

    1. Thank you, Kristen!

  6. Happy anniversary to you both. New training plans are always exciting, the possibilities! Have you picked a race yet? Now that my race is out of the question, I need to live vicariously through my friends. LOL. I’m glad the weather here is OK for biking all year round, but at the moment I’m indoor bike only because of the foot, so I joined the gym. When I go I bike, then do a little bit a strength work, which is easier than trying to do it at home.

    1. I have not picked a race yet but am definitely contemplating my half marathon PR race from last year.
      I am glad you’re able to do some cross training while staying off your foot.

  7. Happy anniversary to your parents and to you and Jon!
    I took out my bike last weekend and went for a ride with my son. WELL. Because his allergies were acting up, we decided not to do our usual route through the greenway. Instead, my son took me up not one but TWO GIANT HILLS. It felt honestly endless and then when it was downhill time, a huge headwind kicked in and I had to pedal downhill. It was quite the workout! Also, I credit Peloton for my general biking health because I could do it!
    Morning coffee outside, what a treat that is.
    What a great membership perk! You’ll have to tell me how you like the rowing classes. I have never done any!

    1. Thank you, Nicole.
      You’re definitely in top shape to conquer these unexpected hills due to your yoga and Peloton routine! Woot!
      I’ll tell you more about the rowing classes once I get a few more under my belt. I a so intrigued by them.

  8. 18 years of marriage! What an amazing milestone. Congratulations!
    I am so glad you were able to go to Germany TWICE this year. Yay!

    1. Thank you so much, Stephany. That means a lot.

  9. Happy anniversary to you and your parents! It’s wonderful to hear happy news! Wishing you all the best!

    1. So sweet, thank you Michelle!

  10. You may be the only person I know who has continued with Peloton for as long as you have. Congrats! Obviously it works for you.

    1. Ha! Thanks Ally… I definitely drank the Peloton kool-aid :)

  11. Happy anniversary to your parents and to you guys! Many more years of health and happiness! We will celebrate out 12th this June. Seriously, where does the time go?..

    1. So sweet, thank you, Daria. And happy anniversary to you, too. 12 years is amazing!

  12. The heaviness of the world is a tough burden right now. And we are far away from so many hot spots. It is hard.

    The lemon ice cream sounds amazing. I may need to try this. Is cottage cheese “Quark” or “Körniger Frischkäse” I find this so confusing…

    Congrats on your anniversary. 18 year. Wow. Also to your parents.

    And how great you get to go to the gym with Jon. That is a good deal.

    1. Cottage cheese is “körniger Frischkäse”… I am not a huge fan of it usually, but it’s quite nice when you “whip it up” and make it smooth… then it’s pretty much like quark.

      Thank you for the anniversary wishes, too. So sweet.

  13. Reading in bed without rushed is sooo luxurious. I can’t wait to have that in July!

    happy anniversary to your parents. it’s so fortunate to have both parents still healthy and in love.

  14. Happy belated anniversary to you and your parents! Both are amazing milestones to celebrate! What’s your plan for the gym? I am trying to convince Tom that we should do at least one strength/conditioning workout per day this summer on the Peleton app. We did one day last week and quickly found out that we’re not quite as agile as we thought, given how sore we were after that first workout. I think the challenge is that I’m a morning workout person, and I think he prefers afternoon/evening, lol. We’ll see how it goes.

    1. Thanks so much for the belated anniversary wishes, Sarah. So sweet.
      I am hoping to be able to use the treadmill at the gym, have access to more weights and use the rower!
      I think the Peloton app makes it so easy to work out at home, you just gotta set a time and do it… but yeah, I am on opposite schedules with Jon too, so that’s going to be a challenge.

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