Currently | October

still RIDING | that high from earlier this month when I crushed my goal and set a new personal record at the Urban Cow Half Marathon. It’s been such a mood-boosting experience. I want to talk more about my training and what I think did the trick for me this time, but this will be a post for another day.

LOVING | that I got the chance to run along the beach last weekend. It was a nice change of scenery for me. I usually run through our neighborhood, around parks, and along the river, but it’s a whole different vibe running by the ocean.

HOPING | for a ceasefire in Gaza. The news has been horrific and this whole situation is on my mind a lot. I feel helpless, and the people who “can” do something don’t seem to be doing anything to stop the violence. 

PICKING | up my knitting again and realizing – once again – what a calming activity this is for me. It’s been said that the repetitive nature of the hand movement has a calming effect on the mind, similar to meditation, and I totally believe that.

STOKED | that my Feedly issues finally appear to be fixed – just in time for NaBloPoMo. (Have you signed up yet?) I cannot believe that I dealt with this issue for almost 6 months. I still believe my hosting company’s support team should have been able to find and solve the issue sooner, but I am so glad I persevered and finally found out what was causing the problem. 

EATING | Thai food. We recently discovered a new Thai restaurant in the area (our old go-to place changed owners) and we’ve been so impressed with the freshness and taste of the food at this new place.

DRINKING | coffee from my new mug. I know. The Secret Santa (Mug) Swap might be coming up (who’s interested?) and here I am, buying a new mug. But I really, really had my eye on this one for quite a while. It was NOT an impulse purchase. (As if that would justify it, ha.)

VISITING | a Pumpkin Patch. I can understand that people either love or hate it. I am not a big fan of crowds and I think we got very lucky that we could enjoy the pumpkin patch without too many people around. It’s just a nice fall activity and we wanted to pick out a pumpkin for our front porch. 

ANTICIPATING | the holiday season. Although I am still a bit in denial that it’s already October (where did this year go?), I do love the holiday season and will try to enjoy it as much as possible.

still WEARING | shorts and sandals (it’s still been pretty warm this month, but I think this is about to change. We also had a little bit of rain today.)

CELEBRATING | Jon’s birthday.  His birthday was on a Wednesday, but we celebrated on Friday when we went to see his mom over the weekend. I made blueberry muffins (per his request), and pasta alfredo (per his request) and he was stoked about this birthday present: an Apple Watch. Jon has never worn a watch in all the time I’ve known him, but since he started his fitness routine about 6 months ago, I thought it was time to get him a watch that could track his progress and motivate him to keep going. So far, it looks like he’s a fan. (Also: no birthday without party hats. Ha.)

SPENDING | more time at the beach in Ventura last weekend. Yay!

GETTING | our Covid boosters. That’s the third round. With Covid cases on the rise, I hope this will give us a little bit of extra protection through the cooler months. I’ll also be getting my flu shot soon.

What was going on for you in October?

  1. Okay, San, serious talk now: YOU NEVER NEED TO JUSTIFY BUYING A PRETTY MUG. That one is gorgeous and I can see why you’ve been eyeing it. Coffee and tea taste so much better out of a fun/pretty mug.

    Love the beach shots.

    Happy B’day to Jon – we love our Apple watches. I don’t know if I’ve ever worn a party hat in my entire life?

    The situation in Israel and Gaza is heartbreaking; I watched some BBC coverage yesterday and the scenes of children sitting in streets describing watching their family get injured and/or die. There are no words to describe the horror; how I hope peace can prevail but it seems…hopeless right now.

    1. Haha, can you have talk with Jon (who rolls his eyes when I get yet another new mug, but also knows how happy mugs make me LOL). And you’re right, coffee/tea does taste better – I SWEAR.

      So glad to hear from other people who love their Apple watches. I had asked around before I purchased the watch for Jon and felt pretty confident that IF he would wear a watch, it would be an Apple watch. (The party hats are not a German thing, btw, but Jon insists on them every year :)).

  2. Oh – and YES I WANT ANOTHER SECRET SANTA MUG EXCHANGE! I already bought a mug for it (shhh: don’t tell, but I really hope I get the same person I’ve had the last two years because I picked out a mug specifically for her, and if I don’t get her in the draw…I think I might send it anyway).

    1. Yay, happy to hear you’d be participating (and I think the person that you’re refering to *hint, hint* is up for it too ;))

  3. The beach photos look amazing. I know I’ve said I’m jealous before, but I really am. I’m happy to hear you took advantage of your beach opportunities!

    Happy birthday to Jon! It looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

    1. Thank you, Engie. As someone who also doesn’t live close to the beach, I know you can relate to taking advantage of beach opportunities when you can :)).

  4. I LOVE love love the idea of a secret Santa mug exchange, even if I already own 1001 mugs. One can never have enough, right?

    Ugh, my heart is so so heavy with this situation in the Middle East. There is so much anger in the world, and a lot of misinformation, but more than anything I want peace. No innocent civilian should die because of war, but dear god. Hamas needs to be eradicated.

    And I want to hear all about this half marathon and yay for knitting! I can see that the repetitive hand gestures would seem like meditation <3

    1. Haha, right – one can never have enough mugs (at least in my book!). Happy you might be interested in the mug exchange :)

      The news from the Middle East is so heartbreaking right now. I try to stay engaged, but I also have to protect my heart. Uff. This is all so much.

  5. Happy birthday Jon! He looks so happy with the watch.
    Running at the beach is so hard. I think I only did it once and gave up. Walking by the beach during sunset is something I absolutely love.

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

      And yes, running ON the beach is actually quite the workout… I mostly ran on the boardwalk, so it was running with a nice view ;)

  6. Congrats on your PR!!! That’s awesome!! It’s still really warm here. We had two days of rain, but now it’s just hot and humid. Shorts and sandals definitely required.

    I worked in Ventura for awhile post-grad. I like the beaches there because it never feels too crowded. There’s a great restaurant right on the water that I was very fond of.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah.

      I had no idea you worked in Ventura. What a coincidence. I love it down there. Do you remember the name of the restaurant? Maybe I know it.

  7. I’m here for the Secret Santa mug exchange! Count me in.
    Happy birthday to Jon! He has NEVER worn a watch? That’s incredible! I hope he loves his new one.
    Running on the beach seems like an amazing treat!

    1. Hooray! I’d love to have you again for the Secret Santa Mug Swap. :)

      Right? It’s hard to believe that Jon never wore a watch… but I do hope that he’ll make use of this new one. So far, he’s been wearing it during the day (he takes it off at night).

  8. You mentioning running on the beach brings a smile to my face of a fond memory with my childhood dog, Samantha. I moved to San Francisco when I was 21 for college, and I brought her with me. She was 15 at the time, and definitely slowing down. One day, my roommate and I took our dogs (his was maybe a year old) to Ocean Beach, and Samantha was SO HAPPY. She took off after some runners, just joyfully running with them. It was great to see her like that! She lived to be 16, my sweet baby girl.

    Happy Birthday to Jon! If he likes fettuccine Alfredo, I’ll bet he would love Cacio e Pepe. There’s a great place to get it in the Marina in San Francisco, if you’re ever in the mood.

    I’m debating the mug exchange. I have all of the mugs my kitchen can handle right now, so getting even one new one means one has to go. But I might be willing to do that. I will take inventory and decide. It was fun last year!

    1. Awww, what a sweet memory of your childhood dog Samantha and her trip to the beach. Thanks for sharing this story. What kind of dog was she?

      Oh Julie, I have mugs coming out of my ears, but I love all my mugs (every one is special to me LOL)… have I mentioned that Jon also loves the piano mug you gifted me last year? ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Jon. The Apple Watch is really helpful for tracking health data I think. How fun for you to be able to run at the beach.

    I feel the world situation too. It is hard to even open the news. I dont want to be ignorant but I really can’t take it right now. is much sorrow. So many maniacs. sigh… I seriously wonder has. there ever been a woman starting a war? just wondering…

    1. Thank you, Tobia. I really hope Jon will take advantage of all the features that his new watch offers. :)

      I absolute agree with you, I think we should let women take the reins for a little while. I think we’d have a much more peaceful world. Sigh.

  10. Running along the beach sounds amazing! It’s such a beautiful backdrop and really makes the run more enjoyable. I love running along bodies of water but the ocean is extra special!

    I just got an Apple Watch earlier this year and I love it!! I hope Jon does, too!

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree… I also love running along bodies of water (lakes, rivers, what have you), but the ocean is extra special :)

      So happy to hear you love your Apple Watch. I had asked around before purchasing the watch and was happy to hear that so many people loved their Apple watches and I hope Jon will too.

  11. Yay! You should totally still be riding that high!

    I also cannot believe it’s almost time for the holidays. I don’t think I will be able to wrap my brain around it until they are over.

    Happy belated to Jon! I love the pic with him and his hat and watch!

  12. Awww, Jon looks so happy in his party hat and with his new watch. I got a Fitbit Versa for Christmas last year and told myself if I wore it frequently enough through the year I could upgrade to an Apple watch next year buuuut I am just not someone who loves wearing a watch. I’ve barely worn my Fitbit this year! Ugh.

    I do not have any more space for mugs but I will be participating in the mug swap if you do it! I’ll just have to get creative about my mug storage, haha.

  13. Happy Belated Birthday to Jon!
    I am also hoping for a ceasefire in Gaza. It’s just devastating.
    Your new mug is adorable! I love it. :-)


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