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listening to a podcast. Gasp. I know. But only because one of my best friends is podcasting from her job as a foreign correspondent in New Delhi. And yes, it’s in German. I am sorry.

watching all the baseball. The Red Sox are a joy to watch this season. Ok, for me they’re a joy to watch any season, but they had such a good start. (I can’t shut up about it. Sorry, not sorry.)

eating asada burritos from our favorite taqueria. It’s our go-to take-out food and we usually get it once a week. It’s affordable and it always ends up being dinner + next day’s lunch for me (the burritos are huge), which is always a plus. What’s your favorite take-out?

drinking decaf coffee. I am not really affected by caffeine (I think), but J is and since we both had cravings for afternoon/evening coffees lately (for me, it’s really a comfort drink), we’ve tried some decaf and it works.

feeling kinda blah right now. And I can’t even tell you why. Hate that feeling.

looking forward to some girl time with my friend Susi in May. I am so overdue, I can’t even tell you.

going on a work trip to Sonoma Valley soon. I agree, it could be a lot worse. Haha. I am actually looking forward to it.

reading The Witch of Napoli by Michael Schmicker. I like it so far (I am only a few chapters in). I think this is a book I originally got for free through BookBub. I must admit, when their email comes,  I always just look if the free books interest me, otherwise I’ll try to get the books at the library.

kinda loving puzzles right now. As if I needed one more competing leisure time activity. (My MIL brought a puzzle when she visited and we finished it together and it was so much fun. I am suspecting that it’s probably just going to be a phase though. As much as I like puzzles, I know myself and I think I will end up choosing something more “productive”  – or, if I am honest, something where I can multitask – over doing a puzzle most times.)

stoked that a new Michaels store has opened closer to where I live. It’s the little things, people!

going to a meet-the-baby-shower this weekend. The parents requested new or cherished favorite books to add to the baby’s library and I was thrilled to find a translated version of a German children’s book, The Rainbow Fish, which is a super-cute book with beautiful illustrations. I am fairly certain nobody else will gift this book.

What’s up with you currently?

  1. The Rainbow Fish is actually very popular here as well. Our school library has it too.
    I hope for you that you are right and nobody else will bring that book.
    I love the idea if gifting books for kids.

  2. Oh, I love The Rainbow Fish. I’m pretty sure I still have my childhood copy. I love that you can get a board book version now though. Sorry you are feeling blah and don’t know why. I understand that – it’s not fun!! I got a puzzle as a gift recently and I really do want to work on it. I haven’t done a puzzle in forever, but yeah, if I’m going to do something “fun” it’s usually reading. lol


  3. We did a meet the baby shower with books for my husband’s cousin last Fall and it was so much fun! Such a great way for the family to build their library and the bonus is you get to meet the little one! I’m sorry to hear you are feeling blah, I get those feelings every now and then too. But guess what? All the sunshine you’ve been sending me worked, I finally have nice weather!

  4. I shop way too much at Michaels :)

  5. The Rainbow Fish was one of my favorite books growing up. Good choice!

  6. I love The Rainbow Fish. I had no idea it was a German book. I bet no one will bring that book. So many will likely bring board books. It will be nice for the parents to get books for when the baby is older! I got books instead of cards for my baby shower and now Paul has over 70 books!

    My favorite take out is arepas. They are GF and sooo good.

    1. A library is the best thing you can build for your child, IMHO :) I love that you know that Rainbox Fish.

  7. Oh, the Rainbow Fish is such a lovely book–and any addition to any kid’s library! My friend did this at her shower recently, and I thought it was such a great idea.

    I have been feeling that way, too. Just in a winter of blahs, because it’s spring but Mother Nature didn’t get the memo yet I guess :) hopefully this passes quickly for us both!

    Also I could eat burritos every day of my life and never grow tired of them. They are delicious! Hope you have a lovely weekend, my sweet!! XOXO

  8. Suggestion: Listen/watch mindless TV when you puzzle OR listen to podcasts!

  9. trying to re-start the blog, but struggling to find my own voice and what i want to write about these days. hoping to find inspiration reading everyone else. :)

    1. Oh yay, Suki! Looking forward to reading more from you again.

  10. Ahhh… I love The Rainbow Fish! I remember reading that to my daycare kids. :) What a great choice!

    I love BookBub, but I’m the same way – I only look for books that are on my TBR currently and only buy them if they’re $1.99 or less! Otherwise, I’d have way too many books waiting to be read on my Kindle, haha.

    1. Oh I am so happy to hear people know and love The Rainbow Fish.

  11. I LOVE puzzles! A coworker brought a 500 piece in several weeks ago and I couldn’t stop working on it until I finished it (I may or may not have taken several breaks at work).

    I recently got a Kindle to help me get back into reading. While I’m not reading a lot, I’m reading more than I used to so hopefully it’s helping.

  12. I am loving the trend of giving books instead of other gifts at baby showers. It’s my favorite! I love that I get to pass on a favorite book to a new kid.

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