Hey, I am back!

Hi, remember me? It’s been a while since I checked in here (except with my Weekly Run Down posts) and I thought I’d let you know that I am back from my long-anticipated trip to Germany. I soaked up quality time with my family, including a skiing vacation in the Dolomites and it’s been truly the best time. To be quite honest, part of me didn’t want to come back. 

Since that was not an option, I’ve tried to trick myself back into my routine as quickly as possible to make the transition less painful.

I also have some catching up to do on your blogs. I apologize for completely unplugging these last few weeks. I know, I don’t need to apologize for taking time for myself and stepping away from the Internet, but I do want you to know that I miss you and this space when I am not here. I am happy to say that I already whittled my Feedly reader down to 250 unread posts, which seems manageable. 

And speaking of Feedly, it’s been brought to my attention that Feedly is having issues with my blog URL again. Or I should say, my hosting company and their third-party security service, BitNinja, have been blocking the IP range of Feedly again. Sigh. At least, I know now what the problem is and what to do about it. I already contacted BitNinja and hopefully, they’ll whitelist Feedly’s IP range ASAP and restore my RSS feed soon. Thanks to everyone who let me know that my blog was – once again – unreachable on Feedly. I am on it!

I hope April has been treating you well so far and I plan to be back with some recaps and regular posting soon!


  1. Welcome back! I demand that you read all my posts IMMEDIATELY. Just kidding- you definitely get a pass. As a matter of fact if you want to skip mine, I can summarize it by saying my ankle is better! There, now you only have 245 posts to read : )
    It sounds like you had an amazing time. I know- it’s hard to come back. Throwing yourself back into your routine is probably the best idea. Looking forward to reading your regular posts again!

  2. I’m glad you had a nice trip! The fact that you didn’t want it to end says it all :-)

  3. Welcome back San! I am so glad you had such a great trip and can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Welcome back! I’m so glad I checked in today because, as you noted, Feedly isn’t working again. WHAT IS WITH FEEDLY. It is messing up the pull of so many blogs right now. Argh. I’m sorry you’re going through this again, but it’s good that you know what to do.

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful time and I think it’s amazing you unplugged completely. I read blogs while we were away (to unwind), but didn’t comment AT ALL. And it felt great. I love showing up in my blog space and keeping in touch with my online friends, but it’s also nice to have a real, deep break and settle in to the current moments. So a sheet of gold stars for doing so.
    I’m with Jenny, I can give you the scoop: we went to Barcelona, it was great…but you really don’t need to go back and read my posts! Nothing else major has happened (oh, except A turned 13!! so we officially have a teenager in the house).

  5. Woo hoo welcome back! What everyone else said – SKIP MY POSTS I WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN UP TO!!!!

  6. Welcome home, I’m looking forward to hearing about your family vacation! I never read blogs when I’m on vacation, or very little, and once I’m behind I just wipe the slate clean. It shouldn’t feel like a job. Will you miss something important this way? Perhaps. I stick with it though. <3

  7. Yay! I’m so glad you had fun with your family. Feel free to mark “All Read” on your Feedly and move on. I’m with Birchie here – I’d rather hear from you than have you read my boring posts!

    1. Welcome back. Your post turned up in my Feedly along with your prior post. I can’t wait to hear all about your trip … we’ll the bits you want to share. Ditto to the sentiments from the others, posts from you > comments.

  8. Welcome home! I have so missed your blog! Feedly is super annoying so I have gone super oldschool with a bookmarks tab for my favourite blogs (your included obvs!) which I can now flick through. And hopefully comment more, because I love reading what you are up to. Welcome to your other home!

  9. welcome back! looking forward to read about the highlights of your trip.

  10. Welcome back!! So glad you had such a lovely trip home!

  11. Welcome back! I am so glad that you had a good time with your family! I know that feeling of not wanting to come back. I admit, I just thought you were not posting, as I got no Feedly posts from you until yesterday, when they ALL came in at once! I know its a pain to have this kind of thing happen and I hope it gets fixed asap!

  12. Yay, welcome back! And boo Feedly – I just got this post yesterday. Get it together, Feedly!
    I concur with the others – feel free to mark everything as read and spend the hours you could have been reading our posts TELLING US ALL ABOUT YOUR TRIP!

  13. As others have said, no excuse necessary! I have not been very good with posting or commenting this year so far so you are doing way better than I am ;) I am glad you had a great time. The pictures on Instagram looked amazing!

  14. Ugh! The feedly issues are annoying! I am glad you know how to solve it though. I hope the issue is resolved soon! Can’t wait to hear about your time at home. And unplugging makes sense. Do not feel the need to comment on my posts – you can just mark them as read with no guilt!

  15. Welcome back from an amazing vacation … I sure hope we hear more about it.

  16. My heart broke a little when you wrote that it was hard to come back. I imagine it was. Goodness. I can’t wait to hear about your travels and your visit with your family. I think life takes priority over blog reading. I know I am behind too. It happens. Hope by now, since I’m so late, you’ve settled back into a routine.

  17. Glad to see you’re back, but so sorry you had to leave your family. :( The hardest visits to end are usually the best ones. It kind of stinks that it has to be that way, doesn’t it? <3

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