14: Summer Tales 2022 Day 10 | Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

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I am recapping the wonderful time that I had with my family here in the States last summer. See all related posts under the category:  summer tales. (I’ve done these recap posts the last few times when I had my family visit, and if you want to see how fast kids grow up, check out one of the previous posts from 2015.)

Thursday morning (7/8) we met for breakfast at 8:00 am. Breakfast was included in the hotel price (not always the case these days) and was served at the  Cowboy’s Buffet & Steak Room. It felt a little bit like the family dining hall. 

While we stuck to wearing masks (except at the table) and also using offered gloves when making selections at the buffet, most people had already suspended these types of “precautions” during our trip. We focused on doing what was within our control to stay safe.

After breakfast, we briefly stopped by the rooms to get our backpacks for the day and then we took the shuttle bus to the park which left right in front of the motel. It took us to Sunset Point. We had planned to hike the Navajo Loop and Queen’s Garden Trail, about 2.9 miles (4.6 km) and 625 feet (119 m) elevation gain and we anticipated it would take us about 2-3 hours. But first, we admired the view from Sunset Point.


from left: my nephew, dad, mom, BIL, me, niece, and sister


We didn’t make it to Bryce Canyon National Park on our trip in 2015, which meanst the park was new territory for my sister’s family. 


Then we started our hike. The kids were very excited :)

First, we went down the Navajo Loop Trail in serpentines deep into Bryce Canyon. Then we crossed “Wall Street”, the only slot canyon in Bryce. Impressive how high the rock walls rise up on both sides.


Then we hiked along a fairly flat hiking trail with stunning views of the “hoodoos” (that’s what the rock pyramids in Bryce Canyon are called) from below.


The hike ended at Sunrise Point.

Since we wanted to go back to the park for the sunset, we decided to take the shuttle bus back to the hotel and relax in the afternoon. We were dropped off at the endpoint of the shuttle loop and then walked through “Old Bryce Town”, a small western-style shopping strip, including a rock and souvenir shop. Some fun was had with those photo stand-ins. Haha.


We planned to have dinner relatively early so we could drive back into the park to a) stop at the visitor center (I still had to get my National Park Passport Book stamped) and b) get to Sunset Point in time for the sunset.

The sunset and the light over Bryce Canyon were stunning. The colors were unreal. Of course, we took advantage of these picture-perfect circumstances to take some family pictures.


my twin sister and I


It was hard to peel ourselves away from these amazing views, but when the sun had set and it was slowly starting to get dark, we headed back to the hotel. However, we could not resist briefly stopping at the official park entrance sign when driving out of the park.

  1. This is GORGEOUS. Oh my goodness I want to visit her. The colours! The hikes.

    Also, you look so much like your sister (makes sense given the whole twin thing – haha). Love all the family pics.

    And I LOVE your mom’s black wedge sandals. I would 100% wear those all the time.

  2. I love Bryce Canyon – so unique. We took the kids there when they were 6, 8 and 10 and they had a ball making me nervous on the hike back up by leaning out over the edge. The US has such a wide variety of terrain in their National Parks, all so beautiful.

  3. I’ve heard so much about Bryce Canyon – I WANT TO GO THERE!!!!!

  4. Ah this is amazing. Such great photos. It feels like with this view and then light you cant really take bad ones there. I love it. We didn’t do a hike when I visited the park so I think we missed out. We weren’t really prepared. How long did you take for the hike in the end? And was it very hot?

  5. Your photos are STUNNING. But I knew they would be, because Utah is so, so beautiful. I only know this secondhand because other than being in Salt Lake City for one day, I’ve never been there. But I’ve seen so many beautiful pictures of the national parks and St. George- I want to go so badly! One of these days I’ll get there.

  6. Bryce Canyon is definitely on my list of places to visit, and your photos make me want to go right this minute. What a wonderful trip for you and your family!

  7. Beautiful! I’ve been to Arches, long long ago, but never Bryce. My husband lived in Utah as a kid for a couple of years, and he has told me about it, but wow. That’s gorgeous.
    I had forgotten that you are a twin. My sisters are twins, too. :)

  8. Oh WOW. This is overwhelmingly beautiful.

  9. So so gorgeous! I love all the photos and that your family wants to hike with you! I would love that.

    The notes about the buffet made me think about how I am still hesitant to eat at a buffet. Even a little sus at a family potluck LOL

  10. So pretty and so happy for you, you got to experience it with your family. Has me dreaming up road trip vacations. I have been before the kids were born but I feel like they should see it, too before they leave the house.

  11. These pictures are breath taking. We’ve been to Glacier, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone, and some smaller parks. I’ve heard of Bryce, but we’ve never been there. We tend to gravitate towards the parks with wildlife. But seeing your pictures makes me think we should go. Soon! Our kids got junior ranger badges at every National Park we went to.

  12. My family did Bryce in… 2015? 2016? A long time ago, for sure. It was a wonderful trip, except that we got caught in a torrential rainstorm while in the bottom of the canyon, and had to find shelter under some rocks. It was an adventure! I’m so glad you had this time with your family. <3

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