Ask San Anything Vol. 5


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Yes, there are more “Ask San Anything” questions that you submitted during NaBloPoMo. I can’t believe it’s been taking me so long to answer them, but I promise I’ll get to all of them eventually. Good thing that these posts are always fun to write and read, amirite?!

So, here we go!

From Sarah: Is there anything in your life you wish you had done differently? In hindsight, what decision would you make differently?

There’s not much I regret in my life, but I do wish I had gotten into running earlier. I got a degree in physical education and I used to be a team sports player, but running was always just a “warm up” for me and an afterthought. I never ran for the sake of running. Now that I enjoy it so much, I wish I had started my running journey earlier. 

From Elisabeth: What’s the next place on your travel “bucket” list?

I’d really love to visit Scotland (after reading all the Outlander books, ha!). The Scottish Highlands just seem breathtakingly beautiful and I’d love to see them in person. We’re so spoiled with beautiful landscapes in the US that I sometimes forget that there are so many other beautiful places out there. A close second on my list of places I’d love to visit would be Iceland. I’ve seen pictures of the volcanoes and how they have shaped the landscape and it’s just so impressive. 

Another one from Elisabeth: Do you have a habit that consistently frustrates you? (e.g. you regularly forget to floss)

I am not sure it frustrates me or just “bothers” me a little bit because it’s subconscious, but I have the habit of sticking out my tongue between my lips when I am concentrating/focusing on something. I think it’s a subconscious habit for many people, and in my case I think it’s hereditary. I know my Dad does it, and I’ve caught my niece doing it too sometimes. Maybe I should just think about it as an endearing family trait?

And one more from  Elisabeth: If you could form one new habit, what would it be?

One new habit I would like to form is to take a proper lunch break. 30 minutes to mentally step away and also consciously sit down to eat, chew, and enjoy my food. 

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. 

I am a multitasker by nature, always trying to “efficiently” use my time. It’s easy to just “work through my lunch break” and have a bite to eat between tasks. Even if I know better and feel like I can come back and focus better if I actually step away. 

From Suzanne: What is your first memory and how old were you?

I believe my earliest memory is from when I was around 2-3 years old. We were living in an apartment building on the top floor of an apartment building (third floor, I believe). I remember the layout of the apartment (and I don’t think it’s because I have seen pictures because I don’t think pictures exist that would allow me to visualize the apartment layout in its entirety. So I think it must be my own memory. The apartment was laid out like this (proportions and scale not accurate – ha).

I also remember that my sister and I would look out the kitchen window down into the backyard of the adjacent house. There often was an old lady at the window that waved up to us and we called her the “waving granny”. We were always so excited when she was at the window smiling and waving. Again, this must be my own memory, as I have a “visual” image in my head, but no photos of this exist. 

Also from Suzanne: What is one current-day convenience that you could absolutely live without? (Cell phone, internet, microwave, amazon echo-style AI, etc.)

Oh, that is easy. I can easily live without Siri or Alexa. I do not use anything with a voice command and I think I mentioned before on this blog that I am not the biggest fan of voice messages (sending and receiving). 

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  1. I LOVE AMA posts. So fun!

    I had a 7 hour layover in Iceland once and went to a hot springs and the landscape en route was incredible. I’ve wanted to go back for a proper visit ever since!!

    1. Oh, you got a first “sneak peek”… well, now you have to go back!

  2. Scotland would be awesome! You have to make that a reality.
    On one hand if you’re having a hard time taking a lunch break, maybe that means that you love/like your job so it’s not totally a bad thing. I NEED my lunch break to clear my head (and also I have a dog so my lunch breaks/noon dog walks are not optional). Do you notice any improvement in your productivity when you take breaks?

    1. I’d really like to make Scotland a reality… thanks for the encouragement, Birchie!
      Also, maybe you’re right about the lunch break. It does not have to be rigid, but I think I should pay more attention to taking “little breaks” in between and really stepping away for a few minutes during the day.

  3. what a fun post. I also wish I started running earlier (i started late 20s) as it’s such a great mental gateaway while pushing my body. I didn’t know you studied physical education. do you still work in the field?

  4. Wow, those are some good questions! I’ve never been to Iceland or Scotland, and it would be fascinating to visit those places- but like you said, there are so many beautiful place in the US, and I haven’t been to a lot of them. I think my “dream trip” would be to the Southwest US, to the national parks in Utah and then maybe on to Northern California. Oh, I have never been to the Grand Canyon, either! I really need to travel more.

  5. My BFF went to Italy, France (Paris), London, and Scotland last year, and she said Scotland was her VERY favorite of them all. She may have gone to Ireland too, I can’t remember. It was an amazing trip, some of it with her Aunt, and some of it on her own. I have never traveled alone, but her doing it made me think it might be a good way to travel. Everything on your own schedule and doing just what you want to do.

  6. Scotland is great; you will totally love it! I have been and I had a great time hiking, drinking whiskey and seeing a lot of castles, but I would love to go back and do some biking around the country, island hopping, more hiking (maybe on an island?) and seeing some friends who live in Edinburg!

  7. Scotland! I wish I had combined Scotland with Ireland when I went in 2018. I would love to visit there, too.

    I, too, could live without Siri/Alexa. I rarely use Siri on my phone and don’t have any sort of Alexa device at home.

  8. That would be a great habit to form! This am I told Steven I was really excited to have a lunch break today then saw I had a 12-1. Womp womp.
    I do that thing with my tongue too, ha.
    I am with you on Siri and Alexa. I only use Siri to ask her to set an alarm. I could easily do that on my own.

  9. Scotland and Iceland are high on my list too. I hope one day.
    I personally could live without Siri/Alexa too but my household is wired in every room. Guess you have to pick your battles…

    1. Oh, does Eddie use Siri/Alexa a lot? A friend had an Alexa and it weirded me out when she just “talked” to it. Ha.

  10. I could also live without Alexa and Siri! Especially Siri. I have actually never used Siri!

    My mom would love to go to Scotland and we have some Scottish blood in us (2nd to German, probably a close tie to Swedish). Her maiden name was very Scottish – McDougall! I would totally go with her as I don’t know if I see my dad wanting to do that trip. But we will see!

  11. I don’t have any Alexa devices, and only use Siri on my watch to check the outside temp. :)
    And oh, San, Scotland is the TOP of my list, for sure. Wanna go? I’d totally go on a blogger trip to Scotland, particularly if we can build in a stopover in Iceland. Their Skyr puts anything we have here in the US to shame… (Although I admit a certain fondness for Quark, in part because of the name, and in part because I really loved where I first tried it… :>)

    1. LET’S GOT TO SCOTLAND, ANNE!!! You had me at “a stopover in Iceland”…. wouldn’t that be a trip of a lifetime!

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