August Favorites


1. J actually found these Blowfish Bungalow Sandals for me online and asked me to get them. I honestly thought I had enough sandals, but since I liked the look as well and they were very affordable, I did order them and I am so very glad I did. They look very nice, are well-made and very comfortable.

2. I’ve been trying out some running fuel options and came across these ProBar Enery Chews. They’re basically like gummy bears (maybe a little softer) and are packed with 24g Carbs, Vitamins B & C, and electrolytes. Bonus: they’re tasty and relatively low calorie.  I’ve been chewing a few before longer runs and they seem to agree with my stomach.

3. I’ve been trying to use a higher SPF on my face on a daily basis and this lightly tinted Heliocare 360 fluid cream moisturizer + sunscreen has been my new favorite go-to. I saw an advertisement for it somewhere online and decided to try it out. It’s super-thin and light-weight and doesn’t smell awful as other sunscreen often does.

4. I am not a die-hard fan, but I do like the Olympics and the olympic spirit, so I’ve been watching quite a bit in the last couple of weeks… track & field, gymnastics, marathons, badminton, soccer. Kinda sad that it’s all over.

5.  I am usually not a big fan of pre-packaged breakfast items, but these Quaker Oats Breakfast Flats are really crunchy and tasty and a quick fix if I need to eat something (anything!) before I head out the door. Ingredient list isn’t awful (although I wish they would take down the sugar a notch) and three flats only have 180 calories. I can justify that when I am in a crunch.

6. I bought two of these Champion Gear™ Women’s PowerFlex Seamless Stripe Tanks on sale and I am so happy I did. The fabric is super-light, soft and I just simply love the colors (I got the one pictured above and one in dark teal).

  1. Great Job J!!! :)
    I love the Olympic Games and what they stand for. I watched quite a lot of the games and I am sad that it’s already over….again.
    Thanks for finding the ProBar Energy Chews – will for sure try them!

    1. Haha. I’ll tell him :)

      Definitely try the Probar Chews. I like them a lot.

  2. Love the sandals (and that they come in a bunch of colors!). I have pretty sensitive skin, but I do like the idea of a higher SPF face lotion than I use right now. I’ll have to see if this one will work for me – the fact that it is lightweight definitely matters!

    1. I can really recommend this SPF lotion. It’s a little bit sticky right after you apply it (fair warning), but since I also use my regular moisturizer underneath, it disappears quickly.

  3. I am kind of amazed that the Olympics have come and gone. Like BAM. I guess I say that about a lot of things in life, but while they are going on, the Olympics are so all encompassing that you feel like you need to breathe, and now that they are over, it is like WHERE DO YOU GO?

    1. Everything (!) is just moving so fast these days, don’t you agree?

  4. Those sandals are so cute. I’m super impressed that J found them and suggested you buy them. That is something Phil would NEVER do! :)

    That running tank is so cute. I love the vibrant colors. If I could justify adding more workout clothes to my wardrobe, I’d be tempted to buy one but I already have sooooo many tank tops!

    1. Haha. Ok, I guess I found them, but he had told me that he liked that style and that he would love for me to get some sandals like that… so I showed him a few options (quick google search ;)).

      These tank tops are awesome (and super-cheap. Other workout clothes can be so expensive), so if you have any extra room in your budget and need some new ones, I highly recommend them.

  5. The Olympics go by so quickly! I’m thankful I can still watch most of the sports on demand on TV (though I don’t know how long that lasts!).

    1. They flew by so fast!

  6. I’m still annoyed at NBC for their abysmal Olympic coverage. Hrmph.


    1. Yeah, that was one negative aspect for sure.

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