12: Photo of the week: Good morning, moon!

Foto der Woche

Hello photo friends! Another week, another ‘Foto der Woche‘. I can’t believe I’ve been able to stick with this project and make it so far. Only a few more weeks to go until the year is over! Craziness.

Here’s my Glücklichmacher #45:

Photo of the week: Good morning, moon!

Good morning, moon! (taken November 12, 2014)

It’s almost kind of hard to see because the moon looks like a little blotch of cloud in this picture, but it’s right there in the middle of the photo… right above the beautiful red fall leaves. Can you see it?

  1. Beautiful picture! I love fall!

  2. I see it! How pretty! I love fall. :)

  3. Beautiful! Fall is my most favorite.

  4. Ha, I’m so sorry for the double comment!

  5. well this is just beautiful, man I love Autumn.

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