October Link List

Around the Interwebs

Things we need to know: What’s happening in Iran and what we can do.

7 ways to say no

So cool. Humans for scale.

Just the right time of year (Halloween) for this article: Why we enjoy fear: the science of a good scare. Do you enjoy being scared? Do you like horror movies? (I don’t.)

Why can’t you tickle yourself? Now, this is some random information everybody probably has contemplated at one point or another.

Around the blogosphere

Present Bias: How It Affects Us and How to Overcome It. Food for thought.

Last month, my blog friend Anne shared a post called Umwelt and ‘the other’, in which she referenced an article titled “You’re always the Other Person”.

My blog friend Kae gave me (and you) something else to think about: Our brains + skewed realities.

And my blog friend Suzanne put out a good reminder: Measure with your heart.


Love these. Papercut Canal House Luminaries for Halloween.

Modern Minimal 2023 Printable Calendars (5 ways… for free!)

For my runner friends

How to prevent dehydration during a run.

Best carbs for runners.

16 Things to Consider Before You Date A Runner. Haha, made me chuckle.


Your section-by-section guide for storing foods in the fridge. The more you know!

Did I mention I can’t wait for soup season (and trying this soup)? Creamy Tuscan White Bean & Kale Soup.

Single-serve chocolate chip recipe.

This looks and sounds delicious: breakfast Clafoutis.

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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! :-)

    I loved that Humans for Scale article — so fun! And the Other Person piece made me cry, although it offers a really lovely perspective.

  2. Oh, i love a good link list! I just went down several rabbit holes and didn’t get through half of these. (And now I’m also wondering what is the mystery industry using so much glitter! How can we find out???)

    1. I am obsessed with the glitter mystery. Obsessed. What could it possibly be? It seems like all the usual suspects have been ruled out. I lean towards military use, but WHAT military use? Why won’t they just tell us?!

  3. The humans for scale article is so good!! That quetzacotalis (sp?) was cool to see after reading about it in various dinosaur books that Paul has. He is sooo into dinosaurs!

    You always link to the most interesting articles! And I am here for soup season, too! We are bringing chili to a pumpkin carving party this weekend!

  4. Love the humans for scale! The size of some things is absolutely staggering.

    My link is to a blog post by SHU – the comments section is full of great book recommendations and reader discussions. I went through and added a whole bunch of titles to my “For Later” page on my library account.


  5. Aw, thank you for the shout-out! I appreciate it. <3
    And, Humans for Scale is ridiculous. Also loved the soup recipe (mmm….soup….). Finally, inquiring minds need to know – did you test the single-serve cookie recipe? ;) The most hilarious thing are the comments on the recipe. The first one I see is someone aghast at the sugar content. Um, dude, it's a *cookie*. Ha.

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