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Do you plug in and charge your phone overnight? I am guilty as charged, but here’s why you really should stop charging your phone overnight. I am going to give this a try (because my phone does get hot sometimes.)

The case for caring less. “If caring a little less means not immediately volunteering to lead every new initiative at work or skipping a few PTA meetings, you’re saving time and energy for the things that matter.”

CDC eases COVID guidance. Not sure how I feel about this. I know people are desperate to go back to normal, and if you’ve had Covid, you might feel like this is the right move, but I haven’t had it (as far as I know) and I am not keen on getting it, and I still feel a bit wary when it comes to easing restrictions. 

How to embrace doing nothing.

Habit stacking. Smart.

The fascinating science behind freckles. Do you have freckles?

The Donald J. Trump guide to getting away with anything.

I don’t really have to talk to kids about it, but still some good advice. How to talk—or not talk—to kids about weight.

Well, we all know this: To get out of your head, get out of your house.

Around the blogosphere

Things making me smile by my friend Elisabeth

This is strangely … so true. Grief Is Like Butter.

Evernote Review by Kath. Do you use Evernote? I do and I love it. 

I am only semi-anxious when I fly, but this is still helpful: Tips for anxious flyers (from a pilot)


Wish I had use for these: Printable Fairy Garden School Supply Labels.

Maybe one of these days I’ll pick up hook and yarn again: Crochet Coasters.

I love pouches: Embroidered Garden Felt Pouch.

For my runner friends

7 tips to run faster and longer.

How to determine an appropriate race goal.


I made this mushroom-lentil ragu again recently. It’s so good.

This avocado toast looks mind-blowing.

Frozen Yogurt? Yes, please.

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  1. Habit stacking is how I ended up with a routine that takes an hour at night! It’s easy to say “I’ll just do it before bed,” but that now means there are two dozen tiny things I have to do at night and they all add up! Maybe I need to start adding things to other times of day.

  2. Thanks for linking to my “smile” post – seeing that pingback…made me smile :)
    So true about “getting out of the house” to get out of my head. This is why I have a go-to order at a go-to cafe. I don’t have to think and it feels like such a great place to reset.
    And I really appreciate you sharing the link about talking with kids about weight. This was a fraught experience in my own childhood and I’m now anticipating the need to navigate some of these topics, especially with my daughter, as she is about to enter the teen years.

    I’m on my own journey with this, currently embracing the “anti-diet”/intuitive eating approach to eating. It has been baby steps for me, but I can definitely see a noticeable improvement in my mental health surrounding food. I think about it SO much less and I’m just so relieved by this change.

  3. I loved reading about freckles — and the German word for freckles is so fun and lovely. I am a freckly person and they definitely become more prominent when I have been outside! My daughter gets freckles too and I think they are so charming, speckled across her little nose and cheeks!

    The pilot tips were helpful, too — I am SUCH an anxious flyer.

  4. The freckles article was fun! I have a ton but do not love them. They are not cute small spots – they are huge blotches! But my mom really does love them – she talks about how she loves them every summer when they start to pop. So far neither of my kids have them but maybe they will with time!

    I definitely charge my phone overnight. It would be a hard habit to break. I hate the thought of a phone without much charge! But I could probably develop a new habit with time.

  5. Loved the Evernote article as I us that app for years but don’t to its full potential. something to look into for sure. Also the freckles one was fun.

  6. I love Evernote, too!
    Alas, I do not have freckles. I always wanted them, as I’m an Anne of Green Gables devotee, and of course, she has her own much-despised freckles. :)
    Also, you and I are peas in a pod with COVID. I’m still masking, still distancing, still working remotely with exceptions for teaching. It’s not worth the risks, in my opinion – especially long COVID. No. Thank. You. So know you’re not alone (even though we are not living in the same place…).

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