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Around the Interwebs

This was such an interesting read. I definitely remember having that realization myself at some point. Adulthood Made Me Realize I Never Really Knew My Parents.

An open letter to Martha-Ann Alito about her new pride flag. Ok, that was brilliant. (Did you hear what she – and her husband – said on tape? These people are so dumb.)

Traveling hacks. Can you add one?

This was really fascinating to read. What is money dysmorphia, and how do you know you have it?

Around the blogosphere

I loved this post by Elisabeth. What gives you oxygen?

I also loved this post by Kristen: You are doing everything wrong. I do feel overwhelmed sometimes by all the “helpful” advice on the Internet.  

Lisa shared some interesting thoughts on feeling joy and lots of people chimed in.

10 rules to own less stuff


How to customize your Google calendar.

How to Improve Your Handwriting. Do you still write by hand a lot?

FREE Printable & Editable Salsa Labels.

For my runner friends

Do you hydrate with electrolytes? Sweat Smarter: Electrolytes and Their Impact on Your Running Routine.

How to Stay Cool While Running – Regardless of the Temperature.


A wealth of great ideas in the comments. What Do You Cook When Eating Solo?

Trying to find ways to eat more cottage cheese: 5-Minute Cottage Cheese Toast.

Salad is always a “go-to meal” in the summer. 32 Of Our Favorite Salads To Stay Cool This Summer.

Peach Yogurt Popsicles.

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  1. Mhm that cottage cheese toast looks good. I always have cottage cheese in my fridge so this could be a lunch one day when I am on my own. Thanks for sharing.
    I also loved Elisabeth oxygen post.

    1. Right? The cottage cheese toast looks delicious!

  2. Thanks for highlighting my joy post! The comments were so insightful and helpful! And mmm – peach popsicles! Those sound so good!!

    1. I wanna make those peach popsicles, too!

  3. I also enjoyed those posts by Elisabeth and Lisa! Lots to think about there.

  4. The money dysmorphia article is fascinating. I like the peach popsicles recipe and will try it soon. Thanks for the links.

  5. Weren’t Elisabeth’s and Lisa’s posts fabulous.

    I always use an electrolyte solution or salt/maple syrup in my water to hydrate for long and harder runs (plus sprint intervals on the bike at the gym) because I am a heavy, salty sweater. I sometimes also use some salt/maple syrup or electrolytes when I’m feeling a bit off (pre- or post-migraine feeling), because it can sometimes pick me up and help with the fatigue/headaches. If you’ve read any of Dr Sims’ work, she recommends always hydrating with water/salt/some kind of sugar solution not plain water, not to replace electrolytes but, more to help water absorption. This podcast really gets into hydration and the science: https://theproof.com/hydration-for-optimal-health-and-performance-stacy-sims-phd/

    1. Thank you for the podcast recommendation, Melissa. I usually just go straight for the NUUN tablets for hydration and they’ve been working well. I haven’t attempted to make my own solution.
      I’ve read Dr Sims book.

  6. Thanks for linking :)

    I never, ever eat cottage cheese but just bought a container yesterday because it seems to be all over the interwebs as this magical food…so, we’ll see. I’m not quite sure what to do with it? I know some people top it with fruit? I will report back ;)

    1. I’m not a huge fan of the texture (small curds) but you can whip it and then it’s almost like a thick quark/ cheesecake texture. I like it and I can see how it’s good with fruit toppings!

  7. I write by hand a lot, but it’s mostly notes at work and to-do lists at home. But I also write a lot of snail mail. And my handwriting is atrocious, especially since I broke the thumb in my dominant hand – it’s a lot harder to write now than when I had two working thumbs!

  8. Yum! Those peach popsicles sound so summery!
    Loved Elisabeth’s and Lisa’s posts that you linked to. So insightful. Now I’m off to read about money dysmorphia – what an interesting topic!

  9. I loved Kristen’s article- so true! I avoid taking advice from strangers on the internets and always tell my kids: “the Internet can be good and it can be evil, too. You should use it responsibly.” A link to share with you… Here it is: https://open.spotify.com/album/7plI2F1GnGyQfkF2exJZfB?si=04qYdm6yQIma5CsBeEWbcA

  10. Late comment – but had to say thank you for the “money dysmorphia” link. Fascinating, and so true. I’ve been thinking a lot about the stories we tell ourselves…and how many of them are true (or not).

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