My 2022 Fringe Planner

It recently dawned on me that I hadn’t shared my planner for 2022, and it’s quite possible that you haven’t noticed or don’t even care. But I always like to see the planners that other people use (if only to swoon over some pretty stationary!). Not that I have anything super-exciting to share, as I decided to stick with the planner that I have been using for the last two years.

It’s a simple planner by Fringe Studio which I originally found at Home Goods for $10. You can’t really beat the price, right? 

And I got lucky again. Home Goods actually had a few pretty options of this particular planner last fall when I looked, and I settled on this “bee” design for 2022. I really love the simple layout and design. I am not much into very bright, busy layouts and the simple weekly layout just works really well for me. I use it mostly to write down/plan out my workouts and our meal plan.

The layout hasn’t changed one bit, which I am happy about. I don’t need for things to be switched up when they’re working for me! If you’ve seen my planner posts in the last couple of years, this will all look familiar.

I still love the double-sided pocket insert in the front that can hold notes or stickers. The yearly calendar overview on the first page is great of a for quick day and month reference.

Every month starts with an inspirational “quote”, which I enjoy. I mean, yeah “don’t forget to be awesome”!

I love that there a monthly tabs to quickly flip between months. Makes navigating your planner so much easier. A bookmark would work, too, but I usually leave the planner open on my desk anyway. This is where the spiral binding comes in. I love being able to flip the pages over and only have view of one page (as my desk is really small and I have to save on real estate here). I am not a big fan of the disk-binding system (as so many planners seem to have adopted. It feels too bulky for me!), so I am always looking for planners that have this thin spiral binding.

The next page is called “at a glance” and is the monthly “planning page” where you can jot down goals, birthdays, anniversaries and to-dos. Plenty of space (for me) to get all the important stuff written down. If you’re a list maker by nature, you’ll appreciate the little “check-off” boxes in the to-do section.

Up next is a monthly overview page, which I use for some general planning and sometimes for tracking things throughout the month. 

The weekly planner (a double-page per week) offers enough space for everything I need to write down during the week. I don’t have a ton of scheduled appointments that I write down in my planner (I usually set reminders on my phone for appointments that I can’t forget), so the horizontal layout without specific time slots works well for me. As mentioned above, I use it mostly for meal planning and scheduling my workouts.

There are a couple of empty lined “notes” pages between each monthly section and at the end of the planner, which is enough space for me to write down anything else that I randomly think of.

And there you have it. My planner for 2022.

Are you sticking with your old planner or are you trying something new this year?

#notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. What a steal at $10! I’m glad it is working for you. I used to use a bullet journal but moved over to the Wonderland222 planner after hearing about it/reading reviews on It’s been a great fit for me. It’s a bound, lay-flat book which is what I prefer. I do not like coil-bound planners – I don’t like the feeling of running into the coil when I am writing on the left page! It’s a finnicky thing to not like but knowing that about myself rules out a lot of planners!

    I will likely continue with W222 in 2023. I have been really happy with it and I like that it’s made by a small female-owned company in the pacific NW!

  2. Wow! That looks like a GREAT planner and a lot like what I’m using actually.

    Sarah Hart-Unger sent me a copy of the Sprouted Planner, but I 100% plan to buy it for myself next year. I love just about everything about it (again, it looks a lot like the Fringe planner).

    Before that I was using a $1.25 planner from the DollarStore which worked fine, but the Sprouted Planner just bumps things up to a whole other level <3

  3. I love the look of that planner. The layout looks similar to the old Blue Sky planners I used to use from Target, which I did really like and used for many years. However, I moved to the Wonderland 222, like Lisa, last year. So I’m in year #2 now in that one. I like that it has tracking pages/ goals pages/ etc. all in one, whereas when I used my Blue Sky planner, it only had monthly and weekly pages. As I got more into planning and tracking things, I also found I no longer loved that horizontal weekly layout. But I loved the nice big boxes! And it was sturdy, cheap and had nice paper. For only ~$10, too! Yours looks a bit nicer/ fancier, actually, with the pockets. For now I’m all settled in my W222, so I’m planning to stick with that. It’s smaller, but I like to save my planners, so that was one reason I wanted to move away from a larger planner and into a littler one!

  4. What a pretty planner! I’m so impressed that you were able to snag it for $10. I like the tabs! My friend sent me a blank notebook for Christmas and I’ve been using it to track my goals by customizing each page, like a pseudo-bullet journal. I have to use a Post-It to mark my page, though!

  5. Your planner is lovely and the quote for April is great :)
    I always enjoy seeing planners and journals that people choose – I love stationery and choosing a planner / journal each year is always such fun.

  6. That’s very similar to my planner; in fact, I thought maybe we had the same one! It’s not, but the layout and tabs are very similar. I use mine mostly for workouts and meal planning, but also for appointments, my son’s wrestling practices, and such.

  7. Yes, I also like seeing other people’s planners (why is that so fun?) Yours is similar to mine, pretty simple. I don’t use it for meal planning (but maybe I should.). Mine is mostly for workouts, plus any appointments and I also record some work-related details. I like the cover of yours! I might look for this one next year- I’m not too picky, I just go to Target and get an inexpensive one that fits my needs. I’ll do my shopping at Home Goods next time.

  8. I used this planner last year or the year before. I really liked the place where I could record monthly birthdays, goals, to-dos, etc. I’m using two different planners this year, which is a little crazy but I felt like I needed a planner for work and a planner for personal/goals. I really like having these separate planners and I’m still using them 4 months into the year, which must be a record by now!

  9. You know, it’s interesting. I always think I want a planner (particularly when I see others’ planners…) and then I realize that my current approach of Outlook calendar (because work meetings need to be considered when making other appointments, etc., particularly because I sometimes have evening work-related things…) + daily to-do list + to-do lists in Evernote (one “comprehensive” and one “focused”, don’t ask) works for me.

    I am definitely more of a list + calendar person than a “plot out my week in a planner” person.

    But this one is appealing. It’s simple, and straightforward, and I like that they don’t include all sorts of extra, annoying stuff (stickers and bookmarks and tabs and extra pages and… ack!). Plus, seriously – can you beat the price? For something that visually appealing? :)

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