My 2021 Fringe planner

At the end of 2020, I was once again thinking about looking for a new planner for the new year and I asked for suggestions on Instagram and Twitter (and I appreciate everyone who threw out ideas and pointed me to some great planners! I did check them all out!), but in the end, it came down to this: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

I allowed myself one (mid-week, early morning!) trip to Home Goods during the holiday season and I told myself that if I found the same planner (by Fringe Studio) that I had in 2020 with a nice cover that I liked, I would be going to get it and stick with the same format for 2021. 

And I got lucky. Home Goods actually had a few pretty options of this particular planner and I settled on this floral design again. 

I did a whole review of the Fringe Studio planner last year and talked about why I liked it and why it really worked well for me. So, why on earth would I change it up again, right? Exactly!

Especially when this planner is so very affordable (I am kind of over paying $50+ for a planner that works just as well as this one, and this one was only $10) and has everything that I want and need in a planner.

I really love the simple design. I am not much into very bright, busy layouts.

I love the double-sided pocket insert in the front that holds my geometric template ruler and some stickers. I always love the yearly calendar overview for quick day and month references.

Every month starts with an inspirational “quote”, which I enjoy, and I love that there a monthly tabs to quickly flip between months. 

The next page is called “at a glance” and is the monthly “planning page”where you can jot down goals, birthdays, anniversaries and to-dos. Plenty of space (for me) to get all the important stuff written down.

Up next is a monthly overview page, which I use for some general planning and sometimes for tracking things throughout the month. 

The weekly planner (a double-page per week) offers enough space for everything I need to write down during the week. I don’t have a ton of scheduled appointments that I write down in my planner, so the horizontal layout works well for me. I use it mostly for meal planning and scheduling my workouts.


There you have it. My planner for 2021.

I finally remembered to link up with Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag for the Keep It Together linkup, a monthly link-up (every third Thursday of the month) about planners, scrapbooks, and any other form of memory keeping, if you want to check it out.

What type of planner are you using this year?

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  1. I love this planner – the layout is awesome and so simple to use.

    I have a Marshall’s about 10 minutes from my house and I used to love going there once or twice a month pre-covid just to browse. I was always able to find cool items there. I miss it!

    1. I totally agree, I have a love-hate relationship with Marshalls/Home Goods because they always have so many cool items LOL

  2. Those florals are too cute! And the layout looks great as well.

    I just use a simple Mubi notebook that I create into layouts similar to your last two pictures.

    1. Do you use it like a bullet journal?

  3. That is a pretty planner! And you can’t beat that price! I am still using a bullet journal. I’ve been using that approach for almost 4 years and am only on my 2nd bullet journal. I have scaled way back on my planning since having kids so that’s why my journals last sooo long. But I am feeling the urge to do more so plan on getting a different planner for 2022 (W222).

    1. You really can’t beat that price and since I like it “simple”, this planner works really well. I love that you’ve been able to stick with the bullet journal approach…. but am curious to see what you’re going to go for in 2022.

  4. Cute planner, and such a wonderful price. I love the design, and I like how it has a pocket in the front to hold some supplies. Thanks so much for sharing and linking up with us!!!


    1. Thank you, I’ve been so happy with it.

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