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If humans were perfectly rational creatures, we would be able to calculate the costs and benefits of every activity well enough to accurately weigh the value of everything we do against everything else we could have been doing. Why do we spend time on things we hate?

Sleeping in a treehouse is on my bucket list.

We should give out more compliments. Here are 99 compliments you can give (that are not about appearance!).

Real-Life Cheat Codes. Very much agree with #1, #8, #12, and #27, need to practice  #18, using #31.

The age of reopening anxiety, or “relearning how to socialize”.

The tyranny of time. A new way to think about the clock.

The Instagram Memorial of Anthony Bourdain.

So much truth though. 15 shower thoughts to break your brain.

Eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life. What do you say?

Related to the previous article, one of the most fundamental yet still under-appreciated truths of human existence: Everybody is totally just winging it, all the time.

Around the blogosphere

What is plant-forward  + why it’s the next best thing. I think I’d like to move toward a plant-forward diet, but I won’t give up on meat or dairy completely.

How to support small businesses without spending a penny.

Some great tips to live more environmentally conscious. Zero Waste on a Budget.

I  tried all of Trader Joe’s coffee so you don’t have to. (We tried our fair share of TJ’s coffee – we regularly buy the Fair Trade Organic Bolivian Blend and Jon likes to keep a jug of the (regular) Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate in the fridge for a quick iced coffee.)

Here’s another article ranking Trader Joe’s coffee beans.


Such a pretty summer decoration. Paper Honeycomb Suns

26 ways to decorate a plain tote bag.

For my runner friends

How long should you train for a race? Laura shares some guidelines.

Did you know 28% of runners began during the pandemic? So that means I was cool before the pandemic started (ha!), but hey, I welcome every single person to the running community! It’s amazing to have you! 

5 reasons to become a morning runner. I agree with all of them 100%.

How to find your sweat rate (and how to determine how much to drink).


Simple, but useful food hacks. Some of these are so clever!

Ten shortcuts for better cooking.

Summer Smoothies. A great way to start your day during the warm months of the year.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these- especially the Trader Joe’s ones!! I’m a big fan of coffee and Trader Joe’s but never know which ones to pick up. Will be studying that list :)

  2. The real-life cheat codes was a fun read!

    In a separate post, you talked about your new hairbands. I ordered some yesterday as the ones I have are driving me crazy (they stretch out really fast). Excited for them to arrive!

  3. Thanks for sharing so many great links. I found the one on time wasting so interesting. And I admit I’m really nervous to socialise again. Obviously I’ve missed family and look forward to seeing them again – not seeing my parents and sister has been difficult! But the thought of going to the office, going to restaurants and meeting up with friends makes me want to run in the opposite direction.

  4. I stayed in a treehouse before and it was so much fun! I need to check out those smoothie recipes.

  5. I am still making my way through the fascinating article on the tyranny of time. It’s absolutely fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

    I dream of sleeping in a treehouse. I also want to try glamping, and sleeping in a tiny house. I know that I can find them through Air B&B but everything is all booked up for the summer.

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