September Link Love

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Plastic – what’s recyclable, what becomes trash and why. Bookmark this page!

Fascinating! How language shapes our perception of reality. “[…]learning a new language can change how your brain pulls information together, and because of that, enables you to have more perspectives on a particular issue.”

What3words? The app that can save lives.

Bring back handwriting: it’s good for your brain. Do you still write by hand sometimes?

How I learned to cycle like a Dutchman.

Around the blogosphere

Time Scarcity. An interesting read.

Erin talks about her post-partum relationship with exercise and I love how she recognizes and accepts that our relationship with exercise can – and will – change in different stages of life, but that it never has to be all or nothing.


This cardigan looks so cute (and is hopefully not too difficult to make).

Not that I have a need for this, but maybe you do? This nursery mobile is so cute!

DIY watercolor stationary.

For my runner friends

Don’t tell me what strong looks like.  

Run strong for life – a decade-by-decade training guide.


Apple Crumble. I can’t wait for fall and apple season. How about you?

Mushroom Stroganoff. Yum!

I want to try this. I loved anything mashed! Mashed cauliflower.

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  1. I am hoping to get more apples soon so I might have to save that apple crumble recipe! My sister in law just made a pullover style sweater so I bet that cardigan wouldn’t be too bad. Then again, I don’t really crochet or knit so what do I know? LOL

  2. Ohhhh you have two recipes in here that I’d absolutely love to try!! I’m in for fall anything this time of year and also mashed cauliflower: mmm…also I always need a handy chart of what is and isn’t recyclable so appreciate you sharing! And that’s awesome you are thinking of crafting a cardi! Always love to read your links. ❤️

  3. mmm…I love all the apple things during the Fall. Unfortunately, I can’t have gluten, so I might have to see what is out there that I can still have a bit of. lol Thanks for all the links!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the post about post-partum fitness. My relationship with exercise has really changed since having Paul. I’m not a runner anymore but I think I will be again when it’s a bit easier to fit into my day. So for now I am taking walks and would like to add some strength training back into my routine – maybe after we move? Our new house has a finished basement so I could set up a little workout area and have some toys for paul down there so he could play while I exercise.

    I have the worst handwriting so don’t write notes much anymore because people would struggle to read them! Ha!

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