April Link Love


A lovely (and free!) knitting pattern for my knitting buddies.You’re welcome!

Remember that I’ve kept talking about our grocery budget? Well, I loved this take on the difference between frugality vs. budgeting, because it explains exactly why I (am learning to) accept a higher grocery bill over just trying to spend as little as possible every month.

I might have to give this a go. Foods that regrow in your kitchen.

Couldn’t agree more with my friend Kate: Pay Me What You Owe Me: On Asking Bloggers to Shill for Your Brand for Free

I am always looking to simplify items I buy for cleaning my house, so this is a good list to start: 10 must-have ingredients for homemade cleaners.

I found a very tasty, no-added sugar granola at our local Co-op, but it’s kind of expensive, so I am thinking of trying to make my own, maybe trying this or this this recipe .

Stop telling me to have kids. I love me some Joy Bryant, not because I necessarily share her sentiment (I can’t answer the question if I want to be a mom with 100% certainty), but because I love the way she talks about the issue of ‘choice’.

We all know it, some people have talked about it. Social media leads to playing the comparison game and often, that’s not good. Here are a few things you can do to combat online jealousy.

I loved Caiti’s post about Wanderlusting for the list of travel ideas, but even more for the message she prefaced her post with. Go read.

Neuroscientist explains while crafting is great for your mental health. I knew it!

A fellow expat blogger wrote this. Truth! The world is bigger than you

How to embrace aging. Yup.

  1. YES! Thank you! (I love these posts!)


  2. The concept of frugality v. budgeting definitely resonates with me. There are just some things you can’t cut corners on and grocery shopping is one of them. Unfortunately it’s more expensive to eat a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables than it is to eat a diet full of processed foods. My grocery bills increased by about 50% when I did Whole30. I am a healthy eater and barely eat any processed foods but when I did Whole30 there were very few ‘shelf stable foods’ that were allowed so I was buying mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, and organic meats. I’d like to find a balance between the 2 styles of eating because it’s just not sustainable for me to have to spend so much time doing meal prep which means a couple of nights a week I’ll let myself have simple meals like eggs with toast. But I will never actually set a budget for grocery shopping because I don’t want to feel restricted in how I eat. I could probably do a better job of using coupons and looking at fliers, though.

  3. Great links lady! I don’t know why people have this internal need and desire to tell others to have children. LET. IT. GO. To each his own. Stop badgering/harrassing people about it. Especially women (I think women are told this more so than men are.)

    Ahhh social media and comparisons…that is one slippery slope. I am super guilty of this, but more so with photography. I tend to compare my photos to others and I really shouldn’t do that. I always try to make a mental note to learn from others rather compare. That’s never healthy.

  4. Thanks for including me in your roundup!

  5. These are some great links and I am off to check them all out! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend! xxx

  6. A belated thanks for including me! These are a whole lot of great articles!

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