Five Things Friday Vol. 28

Five Things Friday: just five things I’m thinking about or things that made my week, or things that I otherwise feel like sharing.

My parents got their second vaccine shots this week and it gives me such relief to know that all my family members – well, except for the kids – are now protected. I am not sure yet when we’ll decide to travel and finally see them, but the possibility is definitely getting more likely. 

*  *  *

I had a coupon and picked up a box of the Yasso Vanilla Chocolate Crunch Dipped Greek Yogurt Bars last week and they were so good. I am usually more of a salty snack kinda girl, but during the summer months, ice cream beats everything else. What’s your favorite flavor?

*  *  *

Our gardeners were at it again. They trimmed our Scotch Broom (as per direction from our landlords) this week, as it was getting out of hand and taking over our patio area. I had talked to them on Monday morning to tell them that they were supposed to just trim the branches and was a bit taken aback when I went outside later to see how much they had cut it back. Our bush looks more like a “tree” now, but I must admit: I like it. Makes our small backyard look and feel a lot more open and spacious (as long as the Scotch Broom doesn’t drop all its leaves and plays “dead” for a while, like the Bougainvillea 6 months ago).

*  *  *

The Washington Post published an article yesterday saying that the federal government will maintain expansive work-from-home policies after the pandemic. I don’t remember if I mentioned it but we were given a survey a few weeks ago asking us to weigh in on pre-pandemic and pandemic work experiences to determine how to move forward in the future. I thought it was great that they were trying to get input from each employee. I am curious what this is going to mean long-term for our agency. We haven’t gotten any specific guidance yet (other than that we’re not going back yet.) How are things moving forward in your work environments? Are you still working from home, or going back to the office?

*  *  *

I don’t want to jinx it, but I picked up my knitting again this week… oh, after only weeks of not even as much as side-glancing at it at all. Knitting is usually something I do more during the winter months, but I was craving some “relaxing” repetitive motion with my hands. Do you knit during the summer? I’ll have to take advantage before it gets too hot again.

TGIF! Have a great weekend!

  1. Yeah for second vaccine shots. I am not yet there but parts of my family is. So by July we are hopefully all vaccinated. I liked the backyard with the bushy bush a bit more. But it seems like “Americans” are rather radical when it comes to cutting down. Whenever we watch home flips or such shows on HGTV I am always sad how all the old trees and bushes are cut down and ripped out.

    1. The bush – an invasive plant – will grow back in no time, but yeah, I didn’t expect them to trim THAT MUCH.

  2. I have never heard of a Scotch Broom – we must not have it here in Minnesota! That is a dramatic before and after!

    My office is closed through year-end. They are inviting some people back in September but it’s on a volunteer basis so it’s ok to say no if you get invited. I doubt I’ll be invited but will be saying no. Offices reopen in January and I think I will be hybrid – probably in the office 3 days, at home 2. But it sounds like there will be a lot of flexibility which is really nice! So that is one positive outcome from the pandemic. Pre-covid my company was EXTREMELY against WFH. You could do it when needed for a dr appt or something like that, but not on a recurrent basis, like every Wednesday for example.

    1. Yeah, looks like Scotch Broom are only out here in the West. It turns bright yellow in the spring which is pretty, but it also grows like weeds. ;)
      So glad you have flexibility regarding return to the office. We had a pretty flexible work policy in place already before the pandemic at my office, but I never felt like “working from home” was allowed without a legitimate reason. This thinking seems to change.

  3. I love those Yasso ice cream bars! They are really delicious!

    So exciting that your parents are fully vaxxed, too! Such a relief. <3

    As you know, my company is fully remote now! They are currently renovating a new office for us that will function as a coworking space for those who want to go in and work, but I doubt I'll use it. I'd rather go to a coffee shop or something like that!

    1. So happy to hear you also love the Yasso bars. Addicting ;)

      And I am so stoked for you that you’ll be able to work remotely indefinitely. It’s a nice option to have for sure.

  4. That’s… some dramatic (but clearly necessary) pruning. Whoa. I second whoever commented about the almost automatic removal of old (healthy) plants and trees when houses are renovated, but I am all for judicious pruning. :)

    Yasso makes some good stuff! I’ve had their non-crunchy bars, which are also quite good!

    I have a very flexible job at all times – as long as I am there when I need to teach and meet with students! Fortunately, our meetings will all be virtual this fall, and we all hope that virtual will continue to be an option for those of us who are (still) not comfortable cramming into small rooms with too many people for the space during the spring semester, when colds and flu run rampant. I hope that you hear something soon!

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