Who I am (at the moment)

Once upon a time, I used to share little glimpses into my brain on a regular basis. I thought it was time to maybe do that again. 

I am …

… loving my morning runs. If you recall, I ran in the mornings all through the last pandemic summer and then kinda stopped when the darker season started. I got my spin bike and only ran 1-2 times on the weekends when the weather permitted. Now that it’s light enough early again, I started running before work again and it’s just so, so nice out between 6-7 am! You should try it!

… thrilled that I was able to harvest my first batch of home grown lettuce this week. It’s only been 6 weeks since I planted the seeds but the weather has been so warm already that they sprouted and grew so fast. I can’t wait for the zucchini and tomato plants to start producing something.

… so excited that more and more people are getting vaccinated. Every time another pictures pops up on Social Media, I smile from ear to ear. I really think that this will get us back to a life that feels more normal and less scary. Keep this up, people!

… constantly on the lookout for new “projects”. I don’t know about you, but my brain always likes to be busy with one thing or another. I tend to get obsessed (in a healthy way, I think) with new ideas and new plans and then spend every free minute researching and learning about that “new thing” or putting it into action. It can be an organizational task (as I mentioned before I am tracking all our grocery purchases in a spread sheet this year), a challenge (I am doing a 365 Peloton streak), or learning a new hobby (like my new obsession with house plants). Does your brain work like that?

… cautiously hoping that someday I will get all of my gazillion of questions answered. Like, why is there no tuna pizza in this country? (I mean, seriously!) Or, why is it that when one person wins, another has to lose? I know, it’s a lot to ask, but there have to be answers. There must be answers, right?

… back on the reading bandwagon and so excited about it (let’s not jinx it by saying it too loud!).

… looking forward to seeing my mother-in-law this weekend for the first time in 18 months. Now that we’re all vaccinated, we felt safe having her come up for the weekend. 

Who are you at the moment?

  1. So glad that your MIL can come for a visit! I bet J is especially excited to see her! It’s been so great to see my parents and MIL on a regular basis now that we are all vaccinated. Phil is taking Paul out to her house on Saturday to give me a break and give her some extra time with him. I’ll still have Will but managing one kid is easier than 2 and it will give me some nice one-on-one time with Will.

    At the moment I am sick again with another cold. This is the 2nd cold we’ve had in a month on top of the stomach flu. I guess one big downside to people being more out and about is that our long healthy stretch has come to a screeching halt. But with 2 kids in daycare, it’s just the reality of our lives that we will get a lot of different viruses. But so far the baby has been the healthiest of the 4 of us so hopefully this means he won’t be prone to ear infections like Paul was! When Paul got his first daycare cold, it turned into an ear infection and he had infections for months until he got tubes at 9 months! I would like to avoid that!

  2. I’m okay with the no tuna pizza! Hahahaha.

    I’m impressed at your gardening skills! I once had a tomato plant and I think I overwatered it. I am definitely one of those black thumbs people. Maybe, someday, when we have an actual backyard, I’ll try my hand at gardening again!

  3. I wish my brain worked like yours when you find a new hobby or a project. I know some people like that, including my husband. They get obsessive and do so much research. I don’t have the attention span for that. Don’t get me wrong – I can be obsessive in other ways. I track our income and expenses religiously and project out my cash flow six months out. It’s probably because I’m an accountant and I also grew up poor and have always had money anxiety, even before I had any sense of what things cost. I’m also a planner and can’t deal with uncertainty and spontaneity in life. But when it comes to anything else that’s not vital to living and breathing, I just jump right in, make a bunch of mistakes, and either learn from them, or more often that not, lose my confidence and give up. This can probably also be explained by some childhood traumas. Haha…but don’t lose it. It’s such a good skill to have.

  4. I’m on the reading bandwagon, too!

    I’m looking for a project but honestly? I just need to spend some time organizing my schedule and getting it under control so I can make time for projects. My work-life balance is trash because I let it be… and I need to work on that.

    I also need to figure out what I’m going to do with my hip pain because it’s exhausting and makes me not want to do things… which is no way to be in the spring with the promise of normalcy on the horizon.

  5. At the moment, I’m trying to recover from the last academic year! Not yet successful but getting there… I’m also (trying) to get back on the reading bandwagon.

    I completely agree with you – love tuna pizza in Europe (as well as so many other things; e.g., pickled herring and other foods that are slightly [very much?] less common as favorites in the US). I have never understood why some things are “more exportable” than others.

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