Currently | June

STOKED | about the weather that we had in June. I know the weather has been crazy and unusual in a lot of places recently, but for us, it’s been “unusual” in a good way. June was surprisingly mild here in the Central Valley, we even had a couple of days of rain. We’re often hit with the first triple-digit days in June, but we haven’t had any so far and I like it. It’s been sunny and pleasant with a bit of a (Delta) breeze here and there. Perfect, if it would stay that way. (Ha. Not happening, but one can wish.)

PROUD | to have hit another Peloton milestone with Tanja – 900 rides on the bike that goes nowhere. We still manage to ride together a few times per week and it’s one of the best parts of my week!

EATING | lots of salads. It’s something that I never get tired of during the summer months. There are so many variations you can make. What’s your favorite salad (or salad ingredient)?

MISSING | my family. I realized that today exactly one year ago was the day when my family arrived for our epic summer vacation. I cannot believe it’s been a year. Where did the time go? It feels like they were just here and I wish I could host a little get-together in our backyard again.

READING | “A Breath of Snow and Ashes“, book #6 of the Outlander series. I’ve found my reading groove again and have been moving through it at a good pace.

EXCITED | about the running challenge that I am participating in over the next few weeks. It’s given me permission to slow down on runs, to just stick to a plan and not feel like I have to “race” every time I lace up my shoes. (Don’t worry, I don’t really “race”, but I definitely run my easy runs faster than I should more often than not). 

WORKING ON | my Python skills. I finally attended a Python workshop (for ArcGIS) this month, something I had expressed interest in for a while, and finally the stars aligned and I had a project that was willing to cover the workshop expenses (mainly my work hours). It was really fun and I learned a lot. 

ENJOYING | the birds that have been visiting our backyard since I hung up the two bird feeders. I’ve seen finches, titmice, bluejays, and hummingbirds and I had no idea how much I would enjoy seeing them come by! 

(still) CONFUSED | about what’s going on with my RSS feed in Feedly and frustrated that nobody seems to be able to figure it out (not my hosting provider, not Feedly support), and Mr. Google is not of much help either. I am now subscribed to both and, the latter apparently being the “correct” RSS feed, but showing as unreachable in Feedly, while the first one (without the “s” in http://) seems to be at least pulling in posts every few days, although that one shouldn’t even be able to “see” my feed. It’s a little bizarre at this point and I am still waiting for a response from Feedly about this. 

What is currently going on in your world?

  1. Old Reader brings up your posts immediately – so it must be some disconnect with Feedly, only? So strange – and frustrating.

    All the pictures in this post are just delightful. The food looks amazing, love that you’re back into a reading groove, and congrats on continuing to hit so many milestones!

    Favourite salad ingredient? That’s a tough one. For me it’s all about having a mix: some protein (tuna, lentils, chicken, hard boiled egg), some starch (love, love roasted sweet potato in a salad), something soft (avocado), something crunchy. Etc. I like salads with a lot of flavour and ingredients!

    1. Yeah, it’s frustrating… Old Reader, Google RSS, Inoreader, they all pull my blog posts, just Feedly doesn’t (even though I noticed that I have “visits” from their fetcher on my blog (but the blog posts still don’t show up). It’s so strange.

      Oh, sweet potato in salad! That’s a thought – I don’t think I ever had it in a salad, although I do love to add a lot of veggies of all types!

  2. Ooh, do you have any go-to salad combinations? I feel like mine always end up either 1) delicious, but somehow costs me $20 in ingredients, or 2) a pile of sad.

    1. My go-to salad combo is usually mixed lettuce, grape tomatoes, kidney beans, mushrooms and a balsamic vinegarette and then I also add protein (tuna, eggs, chicken).

  3. I can’t believe it’s been a year since your family was here, it seems like much less than that!
    I love salad, Greek is my favourite but lately we have been gorging on my garden kale. It’s just incredibly good. There is a Fattoush salad my fave Lebanese place makes and a “Santorini bowl” that a nearby pub makes (kale, quinoa, all sorts of delicious things) that are both things I think about often.
    Congrats on your 900th ride!

    1. We love Greek salad and I like it especially with kale. Kale is such a great base for a salat (do you “marinate” it in the dressing for a while to soften it? I feel like it really takes on flavor, when I do).

  4. Yay Python! I started learning Python a while ago but didn’t really have any application for it.
    Also yay salads! I love salads and don’t eat them enough. I had a spinach salad with tomato with dinner as that was what I had leftover. But I could definitely be way more creative.
    your blog seems to work OK on feedly for me, but I don’t use feedly that often and tend to just come straight here to read :-)

    1. Python is so cool and it looks like I actually will have opportunity to use it for multiple projects – I just hope I get to practice rather sooner than later. It’s easy to forget that stuff.

      Oh, I am surprised Feedly seems to work for you?! Good to know… I cannot get it to pull in any posts on a regular basis, right now, if at all, it’s 5-10 days apart.

  5. I’ve been trying to follow you on Feedly so will give it another go. Yours is not the only blog that my Feedly account has trouble with. Your Peloton achievement is something wonderful. Congrats!

    1. Mine is not the only blog Feedly has trouble with? That’s good to know… I used Feedly for years and NEVER had an issue… so maybe it’s not just me but they’re having issues internally? Thanks for the feedback, Ally!

  6. I am so sorry you are still struggling with the feed reader issue! I haven’t seen any of your posts in my reader in days. :( SO frustrating!

    Salads are my favorite — year round, but definitely in the summer. Tonight I am going to make an everything salad with fresh cut corn, avocado, and bell peppers. Maybe I will make a chili lime dressing or a balsamic — not sure! One of my old favorites is a caprese-style salad, with a base of lettuce, lots of fresh basil, balsamic marinated chicken, mozzarella, and balsamic dressing (and tomatoes for those who like that kind of thing LOL).

    1. Ugh, thanks for the repeated feedback about Feedly – it’s nice to know if it is – or isn’t working – for others, as it surely doesn’t work for my account.

      Oh, do I take it you don’t like tomatoes? But they’re the best thing – so juicy and flavorful, esp. in caprese salad ;) (I love the combo of tomatoes and mozarella with basil!)

  7. Feedly! Why aren’t you being cooperative?! I think I have just figured out now that I need to check your site when I’m reading blogs, even if it doesn’t appear on Feedly. That’s my work around at this point!

    You know what? I don’t care much for lettuce, so I frequently find myself eating “salads” that are really just plates of veggies like sweet peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes. That works for me, but I do wonder if I experimented a little bit more with homemade dressings if I could bring salads into my world a little more.

    1. Thank you for finding the way here without stupid Feedly ;) I appreciate it, Engie.
      Your salads sounds delightful (even if there is no lettuce!)… have you tried kale as a base? I love it.

  8. I’ve never taken the time to use a reader, I just come by and see if there’s something new. Lately I have been reading so seldomly, I know I am missing a lot of posts from a lot of people! I do hate when something works, and then suddenly stops (like my blog issue…and I’m having a heck of a time finding a new template that fits my parameters AND works…seems like some show the comments correctly, but a lot do NOT. They show up fine on the backend.

    Mmmm. We are definitely in salad mode around here. Summer produce is too good to pass up, even if it is from the grocery store. I need to go to the Farmer’s Market this weekend, I haven’t been in ages.

  9. I’d forgotten to pop in here lately, I haven’t had any posts come up in Feedly and thought it unlikely that you hadn’t been posting. That is so frustrating.

    You Peloton milestone is impressive. You are very consistent with your training.

  10. i’m also back to my reading and read 2 excellent books in June and reading 4000 weeks now. love the pic of you in bed reading :)
    I have mixed feelings about salad. i like when it’s made by someone else and chopped small. when I make at home, the salad vs. dressing ratio is often not right. And salad doesnt’ fill me up much for some reason, I always need something else to make it a meal

  11. I love salad too! I just load it up with a ton of veggies and sometimes some vegan protein. Yum!
    Yay for taking the easy runs easy!!!!
    I hope Feedly gets back to you!

  12. The feedly issues are so annoying and bizarre. I am not great at checking blogs on my own but need to remember to swing by yours when I haven’t seen posts for days! This should not be that hard to fix!

    I love salads, too. I eat them year round for lunch but enjoy them the most in the summer when produce is in season here in Minnesota. It’s tough to pick a favorite ingredient, though. Maybe a perfectly ripe cucumber? One day/week I treat myself to a salad at a place in my building and the salads are sooo good because of all the ingredients, like tiny chopped radishes. I would never go to the trouble to chop things as small as this place does and that’s why they can charge what they do. But it’s worth every penny!

  13. You know I feel your pain about the Feedly issues! Yours are still showing up in big batches for me…. it’s SO frustrating how “no one” seems able to figure it out! I remember thinking when I had all those issues, ok, what if my site was, I don’t know, Apple? Would still no one be able to figure it out?! Come on! Websites are everywhere and it doesn’t seem it should be so hard!! There are lots of smart people out there who dedicate their careers to “web stuff”! UGH!

    Love the variety of photos you chose for your little photo collages in this post. :)

  14. I would be so frustrated if Feedly wasn’t working! I follow my blog on Feedly and if I don’t see my post, I’ll refresh my feed on Feedburner which seems to help. Not sure if that is the solution for you, as if seems that this might be a larger issue. Ugh. Your post from 7/4 is the last one I have in my Feedly. :( I’ll have to get better at remembering to check your blog regularly, rather than relying on Feedly to do its job!

    1. Can you explain what you meant to “refresh your post on Feedburner”? How does that help with Feedly?

      1. Honestly, I don’t know if it ACTUALLY works. But my post will show up in Feedly very soon after I do that, so I think it does? I just go to and log in, and my website will show up under “Your Feeds.” I click the three little buttons on the side and click “Refresh Feed.” Your blog is showing up as unreachable right now on Feedly, though, so I don’t think this is a solution for you, unfortunately. There’s something very wonky going on with your blog and Feedly!

  15. Congratulations on 900 rides, that is SO impressive!!

  16. Your RSS problem might be solved by now but in case it isn’t your posts do show up in my Feedly but for some reason multiple under the same date.

    As for question about salad. I love it too and want to eat more salads again. I discovered that blueberries in salad are amazing. some goat cheese or mozzarella and some arugula. so good.

    1. I am cautiously optimistic about Feedly, I noticed that the last few posts came in “at the right time”.

      Oh, blueberries in salads! I don’t think I’ve tried that. I am usually a bit weird about fruit in salad, but you never know until you try!

  17. Major salad kick here. I love lettuce – and tomatoes! Suzanne’s dislike makes me sad. There is almost nothing better than a big summer tomato – preferably NJ, but that’s because I grew up on the East coast. :) Our local midwestern mid-summer ones are pretty darn good. The one thing I never put on salads, at least ones I make? Fruit. I’ll put any veggie out there (well, except kale, which hates me) but fruit? I’ll eat it if someone else puts it on but not my first choice. :)
    Also – I hate to say it, but you’re in the nerd club if you found a Python workshop ‘fun’. ;) (Kidding!

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