A wish list

I admit, I am kinda late putting my wish list out there, haha, but in all honesty, I am not expecting any of this under the Christmas tree. I am just having a little fun. I love the holiday gift guides that are popping up all over the Internet this time of year, and I have to admit that I love shopping for small gifts for my family and friends around this time of year. 

Yes, I know, Christmas is not all about the gifts (and I’d prefer time with people over gifts any day), but I also love gift-giving and they don’t have to be expensive. For me, it is more about the gesture and thoughtfulness behind the gift than the actual monetary value.

I am always trying to fill my holiday season with all the holiday cheer I can get my hands on and sharing a little wishlist of pretty (and functional!) things that would be lovely to have is one way to do this. To be honest, I don’t really need anything, but it’s fun to browse and look at the things I’ve bookmarked throughout the year.

It’s a list of (mostly) inexpensive things that I think would make great holiday gifts and you who knows, maybe you find some last minute gift inspiration here. Some may be in my future budget, some are just things that caught my eye, but  which I probably won’t get (right now or ever), but a little day dreaming hasn’t hurt anyone, am I right?

1. Mountains-long-sleeve shirt // 2. planner // 3. door mat //4. gym bag // 5. hair dryer //
6. running pants // 7. travel pillow // 8. stacking rings // 9. socks // 10. hand-held vaccuum //
11. mug // 12. satin pillows // 13. travel dispenser //14. shower curtain  //

1. I found this Mountains-long-sleeve shirt and it’s so me!

2. I am still on the search for a new planner for 2020. I am not sure if I want to continue bullet journaling at this point and I am intrigued by this Good Busy Planner.

3. Isn’t that door mat the cutest?

4. You won’t believe me if I tell you that the gym bag I am currently using is 26 years old. I bought it at my first trip to the US (Boston) in 1993. You think it’s time for a new one? This gym bag looks nice and roomy.

5. I have heard so many good reviews about the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer from some of you guys and now I feel like I need it, too. 

6.I realized that I could use some extra long running pants for the winter months and I love the look of these. They also have a pocket (which is imperative!)

7. I don’t think I travel enough to really need a fancy travel pillow, but then again this travel pillow looks so soft and comfy.

8. I already have 5 of those stacking rings, but I’d love to add some more. 

9. If in doubt, Balega running socks are always a good idea.

10. We have a kinda old and cumbersome vacuum, that I don’t really use this much… but for the areas that I use it, a hand-held vaccuum would be so much easier.

11. In case you haven’t met me, Hi, I am San and I have a mug addiction…aaand, I already bought this Red Jolly Heart Mug for myself. I really can’t be left alone at World Market.

12. I’ve heard that satin pillows are really good for your skin and hair, can someone confirm this? I’d love to try it out.

13. Do you want me to confess how many times I have bought cheap travel bottles that then leaked into my bag?  This travel dispenser seems like a really good solution.

14. Isn’t this the most beautiful shower curtain?

What’s on your wish list?

  1. I like looking at other people’s wish lists and browsing the gift guides. We do so very very little shopping for the holidays which is nice because we are definitely NOT gift people at all… I like to get things for someone when I see something that makes me think of them. Like recently I saw a puzzle with the HP book covers on it and I sent it to my friend Mandy because I know she loves puzzles and HP. I’d rather do something like that then send something on a birthday. But that’s not how life works for most relationships!

    My MIL will never forgo buying us gifts so I had to give her some ideas. I asked for pjs, hand towels for our bathrooms now that we have more than our previous house, smartwool socks and a 1000 piece puzzle.

    1. Yes, I love picking up gifts when I see something that I know someone will like. I often buy it and keep it for an occasion. Jon is like you – he’s definitely not a gift person, but he likes to give gifts, whenever he finds something that he know someone will love! :)

  2. Great list! I’m one of those people who use stuff until it’s falling apart and I have several pairs of socks that need replacing. It’s slowly becoming very embarassing when we have to take our shoes off in the gym for yoga or a barefoot training. So I’ll opt for the Balega socks any day! They are an awesome brand.

    1. Haha, I am definitely not a spender and I don’t buy a lot of stuff on a whim… but I do like to browse :)

  3. Love your list for ideas! I clicked the stacking rings link and it took me to the pillow. Can you repost the correct link?

    1. Oh bummer, thanks for catching that! I fixed the link! :)

  4. I want a new gym bag, too – and oooh, satin pillows sounds so nice!

  5. I really need a new gym bag! I just use a Vera Bradley tote and that’s definitely not very helpful, haha. I found one at TJ Maxx for, like, $15 that I need to go back and buy. Maybe after Christmas!

    I have a handheld vacuum on my wishlist this year, too! I need something easier for all the cat hair that accumulates on my couch. Argh!

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