27: Our Thanksgiving

We had a nice and cozy first Thanksgiving. We were still living out of boxes for the most part, but I worked on setting up our bedroom and kitchen, so that we could enjoy our first Thanksgiving meal in our new home.

We took a break from unpacking on Thursday, slept in a little, enjoyed our first cup of coffee in the morning and then I started preparing our little feast around 1 p.m.

We traditionally make a hen, not a turkey,  if it’s only the two of us. It’s plenty of food and we still have leftovers. As sides, we decided on gnocchi (small potato dumplings), red cabbage, green beans and delicious mushroom stuffing and gravy this year.

I set up and decorated our table a little bit in the afternoon.




I watched reruns of Friends in the afternoon, drank copious amounts of tea and than later we had some apple blossoms with vanilla ice-cream for dessert.


Every year, J is excited for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and every year, we end up buying these little individual apple pies, because I am not a fan of pumpkin pie and J doesn’t want to eat a whole one on his own. Ha. One of these days, he’ll get a piece of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, I hope.

I did not do any Black Friday shopping at all. I usually only shop for things that I would usually buy anyway or get started on my Christmas list, but my mindset wasn’t there yet. I have a feeling I’ll be a little late with my Christmas preparations this year. Have you gotten started already?

The rest of the weekend was busy with unpacking boxes, purging more stuff (who knew that some people – me apparently! – purge before AND after moving?),  getting some stuff out of a temporary storage locker and erasing the signs of our recent move as soon as possible. I can’t stand living out of boxes any longer than absolutely necessary.

I am not saying that there isn’t more to do (we have to hang up photos and artwork for example), but at least, everything is put away for the most part.

On Sunday we took advantage of the glorious fall weather and went for a long walk. We’re back to blue skies and colorful fall foliage here in Northern California and for that, I am so thankful.

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you travel or stay home?

  1. Just reading this relaxed me! I covered cabbage. Was it vinegar-y?

  2. We went to Mandy’s house this year. My daughter was amazing and really outdid herself. And best of all, all the parents and partners got along very well. I had a doggy walker and so we didn’t need to rush home.

  3. Your Thanksgiving sounds low key and wonderful! Look at the fall colors you still have! So gorgeous! It’s been full-on winter here for weeks. I’m over it.

  4. Wunderschöne Deko, obwohl ihr “nur” zu 2. seit nimmst du dir die Zeit etwas schönes zu machen. :) Die Herbstfarben bei euch sind einfach toll!

  5. I absolutely LOVE your spread and what you made! That look so delicious!! Can I come over for Thanksgiving next year?!

  6. Aww this sounds lovely—and your table decorations are beautiful! Also your meal sounds delicious; I haven’t had gnocchi in ages, but it is so incredibly delicious! And cabbage/ really all the thanksgiving sides are my favorite (apple and pumpkin pies are a must!).

    Thanksgiving was nice this year, but I missed my family. Was weird not to celebrate with them, but it was a good day nonetheless:) xoxo

  7. Your Thanksgiving meal looked delicious! We went to my MIL for the day. She lives in a suburb of the twin cities so we didn’t have far to travel, which was nice. We had a great day out there. She loved watching Paul play with toys and crawl around. He’s definitely at a fun stage!

    I also try to get unpacked and settled in as quickly as possible. I hate having boxes around! I find that I tend to purge before and after a move as well. Especially if I don’t have a ton of time to purge before packing!

  8. Your Thanksgiving sounds so lovely, and the colors on that tree are so beautiful! I wish we got colors like that here in Florida.

    My Thanksgiving was fine. A little weird, but fine. Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel or even drive very far. And I got to nap, so that was nice!

    I think it’s normal to purge after a move because sometimes you just realize some of the stuff you got doesn’t really “fit” with the new place, you know? Or maybe there’s just something about unpacking it and needing to find a place for it in your new home that makes you rethink if you really want to keep it around.

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