23: Currently | November

REMINDING YOU | that today is the last day to sign up for the Secret Santa Mug Swap 2018. If you want to participate, sign up here by the end of today!

WATCHING | Friends.

EATING | freshly baked bread. I can’t get enough right now.

DRINKING | hot tea most days. I am one of those weird people who prefer hot over cold drinks and I drink tea all fall and winter long (after my morning coffee, of course).

REMEMBERING | that November, 22nd was the day I officially “immigrated” to the United States in 2006. There is some random piece of trivia for you.

READING | Wish you were here by Renee Carlino.

ENJOYING | the cooler weather and first rain here in Northern California. We needed this rain so bad to help with the fires and clean up the air! We can finally breathe again.

CRINGING | my way through Trump’s visit to the wildfire area here in NorCal and how he called the town of Paradise, CA “Pleasure”. TWICE. 

LOVING | the smell of the Apple Cider Cinnamon Candle I got from Target. 

LOOKING FORWARD TO | the holiday season. I know it’s going to be over again before we know it.

What’s up with you currently?

  1. Trump is a national embarrassment.

  2. Yay for rain, and I apologize on behalf of the whole country for Trump’s idiocy. That candle sounds lovely though!!


  3. Oh gosh, Trump is just such an embarrassment. He keeps setting new lows for behavior. *eye roll* I’m terrified that he’s going to win again in 2020.

    I’m currently anticipating Paul getting tubes tomorrow and hoping it makes a big difference in his sleep. He’s up so many times for a baby his age! I’m also anticipating the holiday season. I love seeing everyone’s decorations and it’s such a festive time of year!

  4. I’m so glad you are getting cleaner air and some RAIN! These wildfires have been so horrific. And Trump’s response to them has been… well, about what I expected from him. It still boggles my mind that he’s the leader of our country. WHAT.

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