15: November Link Love

Around the Interwebs

Can you tell the difference between factual and opinion news statements? The answer might surprise you.

5 ways the new Gmail can help you get more done

We could all use some snail mail right now, am I right?

You have to stop canceling and rescheduling things. Really.

Is the era of voice texting upon us? Are you pro or con voice texting?

Around the blogosphere

No, you can’t copy me because everyone’s financial situations are different.

16 fun, cheap ways to celebrate the holidays.

Gah! I am sure most of you have experiences this. This is just my face.


20 fun and festive Thanksgiving place cards.

7 easy crochet patterns for gifts.

Scented wall hanging.

For my runner friends

Something I’ve been working on: Improve your running technique.

I run this body Garmin watch face update! Yay!

A holiday gift guide for your fitness friends.

More gift ideas for runners.

The age-old question: How to run fast.


Starting an indoor herb garden.

That would be perfect to try for the holiday: baked goat cheese dip.

Wild mushroom stuffing. Yes please!

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  1. I really want an herb garden!! I get ZERO sunlight in my kitchen since it’s on the opposite side of the only window in the main living space but I’m hoping someday to have an herb garden (and really, a whole big garden full of veggies too). I’m going to have to check out that link though! Thanks!

  2. Working in an academic library, we focus on what’s fact and what’s opinion but I’m sure it can be tricky to figure out sometimes though! And I’m curious about these fun, cheap ways to celebrate. Off to check it out!


  3. I feel a lot of guilt when I have to cancel things so I am more apt to not commit to things. I have a fear of commitment! I agree with texting it is easier to cancel now more than ever. Just a few weeks ago, a piano client text me 10 minutes before lessons to say she’s sorry but her daughter won’t be at her lesson. No reason given, just sorry she won’t be there. That annoys me. And it makes me feel like there wasn’t any good reason. Because if the kid was sick, car broke down, family emergency, I feel like they would tell me that. But just a sorry we won’t be there? Annoying.

    I saved a link about the soup swap. I’m totally going to do this in either Jan or Feb! Even if I only got like 4 friends to commit, we would still get a variety of soup!

    Also bookmarked the goat cheese dip but I can’t guarantee I will make it. I want to make it. Haha!

  4. Again some interesting links here. Haven’t read all yet. And thanks so much for including my little craft project.
    Have a good day, Tobia

  5. Thank you for the link San

    Have a blessed day!!

  6. I’m anti voice texting. I would rather read an email or text than listen to a voice message. My phone transcribes most voice mails I get which I love. If it’s a loved one calling, it’s nice to hear their voice but overall, I kind of hate voice messages. Which is why I am not at all on board with things like voxer!

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