The thing about…

I came across this post idea on Charlotte’s blog a couple of weeks months ago and I loved the idea, so I am finally stealing it.


The thing about uncertainty is that we all have to live with it, day in and day out, and that there is nothing we can do about it.

The thing about coffee is that it really only tastes good when it’s a quality bean and brewed the right way (says the coffee snob that is me).

The thing about time perception is that it is rarely accurate. Either time is creeping along or flying by like a rocket ship.

The thing about hobbies is that I have too many and don’t know how to prioritize (first world problems, I know).

The thing about books is that there are too many and that there is too little time to read them all.

The thing about travel is that there is so much to see and to explore and once you have seen a magic place, you want to go back there and also explore new places and then there is never enough time and money.

The thing about running is that sometimes it feels easy and like you can run forever, and sometimes it’s hard and you have to fight for every mile, but not giving up and finishing your run strong gives you a sense of accomplishment you didn’t know existed.

The thing about friends is that some will disappoint or reject you and others will embrace you and lift you up. Pick those ones.

The other thing about friends is that most of mine definitely live too far away.

The thing about relationships is that you can never know what is really going on behind the scenes and you shouldn’t make assumptions. But,… 

The thing about people is that they will judge and make assumptions and you gotta find a way to ignore it, and sometimes that’s easy and sometimes it really freakin’ hard, but you also don’t owe anyone an explanation.

The thing about blogs is that I’ve met some really great people and made some really awesome friends and I don’t want to imagine a world without blogs.

The thing about Sundays is that I blink and it’s 5 p.m. already and I wonder where my weekend went.

Now, your turn: tell me a thing about something.

  1. I agree with you on the thing about travel! There are many places I want to visit again, yet places I need to go to that I have never been to. I think if I were “rich” that is the biggest thing that would change about my life- I would travel more.

    1. I so agree: travel is on the top of my list. Time and money are the constraining factors.

  2. I love posts like this! I haven’t done one before but I might have to! I agree about travel, so many places and so little time and money. And yes on books too, so many I want to read and not enough time to do it! And I also agree about blogging. :)

    1. I loved the post format that Charlotte came up with…

  3. I love this! Blogging really has brought me friends from all over the world! Yes to the books and travel too! I have so many places I want to go! Our Florida trip isn’t for a few more weeks and I already want to go back LOL . I hope you have a wonderful week!!

    1. Blogging has been a fantastic tool to connect me with people from all over the world :)

  4. This is such a wonderful list. I think I would add that life (like Sunday) truly goes by quickly and in the blink of an eye. We are only given each day at a time.

    1. I feel time flies by faster and faster the older we get.

  5. Love this! And I agree with so many of these. People will judge, and we have to try and not worry about it. And there are way too many books and never enough time.


    1. There will never be enough time for all the books I want to read…

  6. Lovely post – I found myself nodding along to so much!
    So true about travel.
    And friends that live far away.
    And people that make assumptions. So much grief is caused when a person thinks an opinion they’ve got is all that matters. Often the emotions that the person (being judged) is feeling is overshadowed by assumptions and one-sided opinions.
    I agree that we don’t owe people explanations but every so often one feels you have to justify things that have nothing to do with anybody else.
    Completely agree about the blogs. There are so many awesome bloggers out there and I feel so lucky as I get to know them. I love being a part of the FB group :)

    1. So happy to see that we have so much in common :)

  7. I love this! I agree with you on so many of the things you wrote. I completely agree with you about books. I have so many books and not enough time to read them all. I also agree with you about running.

    1. So happy you agree on so many things :)

  8. Yes to all of this. Especially the coffee one. ;)

    1. I knew you would like that one…

  9. This is a fun post idea. Totally agree about coffee! I am so picky!! But I also only enjoy it with French vanilla cream or if it’s a vanilla latte.

    The thing about newborns is that they are cute and cuddly but the unpredictability of their schedule is difficult for a type a planner like me!

    1. Oh, I can only imagine how difficult it would be for a planner like me to adjust to an unpredictable schedule of a newborn… thank goodness they’re cute ;)

  10. Love your point about travel – it’s so true! I often struggle with trying to decide if I should go and explore new places or just go back to the places I’ve been before and love. There’s so much to see!

    1. There will never be enough time to see it all…

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