Thinking Out Loud #17

+ I’ve been back at work since Tuesday and I am not at all feeling it. Thank goodness, it’s almost the weekend again.

+ Do you know how freakin’ soul-cracking it is to delete the “draft files” that I had set up to recap my trip to Germany? Ugh. Dumb. I should have known better not to do this. Oh well, I guess I could finally finish sharing the recaps from my road trip adventure last fall?!  (Taking a mental note!)

+ On a different note: KLM was unexpectedly accommodating. When I called them last minute to cancel my flight, they gave me the full price back as a credit towards future travel (good for one year). I must say, I was positively surprised.

+ Last weekend, since I was here, I was able to participate in the #marchforourlives here in Sacramento. It was fantastic to see how many people came out to protest gun violence and advocate for more sensible gun legislation. I am glad I marched for such an important cause. Did you march, too?

+ So, here’s a lucky story: I am collecting rewards points with our favorite local pizza restaurant and we usually get a free pizza every once in a while. I am pretty sure we had just recently received our latest free pizza. Last weekend, we went to dinner at the restaurant (with my MIL, who is visiting) and when the bill came, they had given us a huge discount. The waiter said that I had apparently accumulated quite a large number of reward points (they took $60+ off our bill *gasp*) and I am positive that this couldn’t have been true. Of course, I am way too honest and alerted the waiter and asked him to kindly double-check. He did talk with the manager and came back to tell us  ‘thank you for your loyalty’. Oh well, guess there was not much more I could do, but say thank you and keep my mouth shut.

+ I also collected my (belated) birthday treat: a deep dish delight (which is a huge chocolate chip cookie with ice-cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top; pictured below). OMG, it was delicious, but it was such a huge portion and so ridiculously rich. Let’s just say: we weren’t able to finish it, even with three people.

+ We watched a movie on Netflix for the first time in a long time last weekend… I wanted something light and entertaining, so I went with “Bridget Jones’ Baby”. I really enjoyed it and it made me laugh, but I need someone to explain to me why Bridget and Mark Darcy broke up between the ending of the last movie and the beginning of this one. There was a huge gap in the story that I wasn’t able to fill in. (Also oh my, Patrick Dempsey. I never watched “Grey’s Anatomy”, so I had no idea that he aged so well.)

+ Okay, so I said in my recent Currently post that I was not going to ask for recommendations for shows to watch… but I changed my mind, and I am asking for recommendations now (preferably on Netflix), especially for laugh-out-loud comedies. Come at me! Please and thank you.

What’s one thing you are thinking about this Thursday?

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  1. I’m so glad you marched!! I was traveling that day and unable to attend, but it lifts my spirits to see these young adults taking gun reform and legislation into their own hamdsZ they make me so proud!!

    Also that’s great re: the massive discount on your pizza bill! Bryan and I are loyal to a vegetarian restaurant in town and while I absolutely LOVE their food and will also continue to support them, it would be nice if they had loyalty points or something (I swear we order from them at least once a week!).

    Hmmm… good shows to watch. I’be really enjoyed 9-1-1 lately which is not on Netflix but I’ll think on it ;) hope you’re having a great week!

    1. I am glad I was able to participate in the march… silver lining of the fact that I wasn’t traveling ;)

      Also: I was surprised, but thrilled about the pizza bill. It’s awesome that they let us collect rewards at this place!

  2. I’m so bummed for you that you couldn’t go on your trip but I’m so glad to hear that KLM was very accommodating about it! How awesome about the pizza rewards! And that dessert looks amazing. Yum!!

    1. The dessert was insane… but so good. haha!

  3. I wasn’t able to march, but it was so great to see the turnout all over the US. Amazing! And all because a group of high schoolers said ENOUGH. I think the future might be really, really bright.

    1. I really hope that these marches result in some serious change! The high schoolers are our future!

  4. Your pizza place does rewards? OMG – that is the best thing ever! I love our pizza place because it has the best sauce on the planet but also because they donate to our mental health centers every few months and every once in a while they will donate to causes like cancer and other foundations that need the extra cash. LOVE them for giving back.
    I live in Canada and there wasn’t any marches in my area that I know of. I think there were some (maybe) in the bigger cities. I did however watch the speeches and my goodness, those kids are power.

    1. Yeah, our pizza place does rewards… pretty awesome, right? But I love that your pizza place gives back, that is really cool!

  5. I love the Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. It is really super funny and even my husband loves it.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  6. That dessert looks absolute heavenly! Have a great weekend!

    1. It was insanely good. :)

  7. Oh, I’m so sorry you had to cancel your trip! That’s awesome the flight was so nice about it though. Mmm…that giant cookie looks amazing, and yay for such a huge deal on the pizza! Yum!!

    I’m glad you were able to march. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together for an amazing cause!


    1. I was really positively surprised about how the airline handled my last minute cancellation! :)

      That giant cookie was insane… insanely good!

  8. What is KLM? Is that an airline!? That was so nice of them.

    1. Yes, KLM is the Dutch official airline. I fly a lot of European airlines when I go back home…. and I thought they handled my last minute cancelation just perfectly!

  9. I’m all about The Office! It’s always my go-to when I need a funny comedy!

    1. Oh, I love The Office! :)

  10. That is awesome that KLM was so nice about the cancellations. Most airlines are terrible about cancellations! I really hope you can plan another trip home soon!!!

    I didn’t march as life is a bit too crazy right now with a newborn but I love that so many did. I’m so impressed with the young people behind this movement!

    1. I know, I was so afraid I was going to lose all my money to the airline… KLM handled it perfectly. (I guess they knew that someone who calls 2 hours before departure had a serious reason to cancel ;))

  11. So glad KLM was so accommodating! It’s been hit or miss for me with airlines when I’ve had to change travel plans, but I’m so, so glad they handled it well!

    I just finished watching GLOW on Netflix and I loved it. GLOW stands for the Gorgeous Women of Wrestling and it’s a show inside a show. It’s a little funny, but also heartwarming and great.

    1. I know, some airlines can be so weird about travel changes… but KLM really handled it perfectly. I guess they knew that someone who called 2 hours before departure was desperate. ;)

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