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The most underrated city in all 50 states. Hint, my current city made the list!

I totally believe that. The key to weight loss is diet quality, not quantity, a study finds.

This is so fascinating. And true! “When a bilingual person tries to articulate a thought in one language, words and grammatical structures from the other language often clamor in the background, jostling for attention. The subconscious effort of suppressing this competition can slow the retrieval of words—and if the background language elbows its way to the forefront, the speaker may resort to code-switching, plunking down a word from one language into the sentence frame of another.”  The strange persistence of first languages.

Here’s the first thing flight attendants notice about you after boarding your flight. Food for thought!

Sobering. Welcome to the age of climate migration.

I have forgotten how to read. I am so glad that hasn’t happened to me yet.

The secrets of resilience.

The need to read. “Books are uniquely suited to helping us change our relationship to the rhythms and habits of daily life in this world of endless connectivity.”

The male glance: how we fail to take women’s stories seriously.

If you were ever curious about the story behind Dave’s Killer Bread (which J loves!).

Living in Switzerland ruined me for America and its lousy work culture. (10 days of vacation are really not enough.)

Around the blogosphere

5 things that make me travel smarter. My friend Terra shares some great travel tips.

30 places: Where to eat in Sacramento. Jenna put together a great list, but my favorite restaurants are not even on there. We truly have a huge and diverse restaurant scene in this town.

Does being a twin impact your future relationships? I – from personal experience – wouldn’t think so.

I haven’t really made use of these yet, but maybe you need to know how to create covers for Instagram Stories Highlights.


31 Bullet Journal supplies recommended by the pros. (I shared my own list of bullet journal essentials yesterday.)

Freebie! Dog Paper Toy for 2018. Cute!

15 Home Management Binders to get you crazy organized. Do you have one? (Pssst, I don’t.)

Free Bullet Journal Header Stickers + Cut Files.

River’s Walk Shawl – FREE crochet pattern.


I am usually not a fan of melted cheese sandwiches, but these broccoli-cheddar melts looks fantastic.

Brussels sprout hash with sweet potato and bacon (Whole 30). Yum.

Honey almond granola bars? Okay!

I wanna try this Curry Coconut Noodle Soup.

I am salt. What are you?

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  1. It was interesting to see which city was “underrated” in PA. I have actually never even heard of New Hope!

    It’s funny, I am always so nervous to fly, so I am sure I look nervous when boarding a flight, but I ALWAYS greet the flight attendants with a smile and a hello because I am sure they get a lot of grief from people, so I figure I can counteract some of that with a warm greeting!

    When we went to see Joe Biden speak last year, he said climate change is a national security issue due to migration. I wish this administration would realize that.

    You always provide interesting links, San!

    1. Thanks! I know these post usually don’t get a lot of comments (thank you for commenting!) but I am glad they’re appreciated.
      I also like posts with good links, so I keep posting them too! :)

      I totally agree with you: every country in the world needs to recognize that climate migration is a thing, but especially THIS administration!

    2. I’ve been to New Hope as my friend got married in Lambertville which is across the river on the NJ side. New Hope and Lambertville are adorable!!

  2. My Dave loves Dave’s Killer Bread! And thanks for sharing these links – tabbed some to read later!

  3. The most underrated city in Ohio is… my college town! I would totally agree with this. it’s one of my favorite places in Ohio to visit in nice weather – which means hopefully I’ll make it back soon.

    I took that BuzzFeed quiz & got garlic, which seems appropriate – but I do so little cooking that it was hard for me to answer the questions, haha.

    You always have such great link roundups!

  4. Thanks for the link love, lady!

    I’ve always wondered about all the things flight attendants are noting when people board. I don’t often travel in uniform, but I usually board the plane early because I am military and I always wonder if they make a note of that. Which is fine. I’ll kick some ass on an airplane if I need to.

  5. Not at all surprised by the underrated city in Mn – Duluth. It’s such a cute city and it’s close to great hiking!

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