Friday Link Love

Make a wish – an affair of the heart by Kim (Not Crazy Unwell). Absolutely wonderful project – check it out.

Food Friday: Cooking for one by Grace (Sunshine and Potatoes).

iPhone Apps I Love by Abi (Vanilla & Lace). Do you have an iPhone? What are your favorite apps?

So You Wanna Make Pad Thai? by Lindsay (AisleToAloha). Yummy recipe!

“That’s, like, against the rules of feminism.” by Emmy (EmmySuh).

Good Morning, Mr. Blemish by Amy Nadine (The Beauty Department). Very helpful beauty advice!

Weiners and Losers by Danielle (HelloGiggles).

I know Starbucks is not an anti-gay, homophobic company (by policy)…but… by LiFamilyBlog (Lil Family Blog). Makes you think!

Pixel Pointers: Image Rollovers (Part I) by Katrina (PuglyPixel). Love this!


Any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?
Happy Friday!


  1. thank you for the shoutout. <3
    and thank you for the other links. i just read the starbucks bit and was shocked. at the same time, when you follow the course this is taking, a bit proud by how many people care/share. the power of the people is real. love that.

  2. You never fail to give me a good good friday love.

  3. Mmm that pad thai recipe looks great.

  4. I love your Friday Link Love posts now! :)

  5. mmm that pad thai recipe looks delish! I have been addicted to pad thai lately and need to start making it for myself! thanks for the link!


  6. Thank you for the link love! I am sorry it took me forever to respond. I’ve been bad at keeping up lately.

    btw, I have not been on your actual site in while (google reader fiend over here) and it looks really beautiful.

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