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Master your email with these essential Gmail tips.

Coffee and creamer gradient chart. Which one is yours? (That made me LOL… I am probably an E1 or A5.)

Do not disturb iPhone update.

Signs that need proofreading. LOL

If women completed work based on the percentage of wages compared to men.

Bird’s-eye-view of NYC. It’s art!

What an Olympic medalist, homeless in Seattle, wants you to  know. It’s not what you think.

Where to start if you want to optimize your health. Straight-forward, non-complicated advice.

Instagram is taking away likes.

Around the blogosphere

A no-drama guide to bullet journaling.

Thoughts on shorts & why you should wear them. Yes, yes, yes.

Why food cravings are okay!


I wish we had an entryway! DIY Free Standing Cabinet Command Center

Free bullet journal printables: the best websites.

DIY refrigerator magnets.

For my runner friends

While I don’t necessarily think that motivation is overrated, this is how I stick to an exercise habit: How to create an exercise habit.


Bruschetta Chicken Pasta

I’d love to try these: Cauliflower Lentil Cakes.

Homemade baked chicken nuggets.

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  1. I read the post about the homeless Olympian. Incredible. What I came away with is that she still has that team mentality, in her belief that help should be for all, not just some.

    I’ll share this post I’ve been holding onto for a while, about the effects of the Coffee Shop on your productivity:

  2. I’ve missed your round up of good links! There are definitely some here I want to check out. I always LOL at the coffee one, I’ve seen it before. My coffee is not black, but it’s definitely a dark brown. Just a splash of cream for me!

  3. That’s interesting about Instagram taking away likes; how does that work for influencers, people who are working with a company/brand? I mean, otherwise, I get the concept…like something because you like it, not because it does or does not have a ton of likes already. And I need to check out those Gmail tips!


  4. I’m probably a B5 when it comes to my coffee! i wish I liked it black but I just don’t!

    I didn’t know about the menu option on do not disturb. Good to know! I love the do not disturb function. I have my phone set to go into that mode from 9p-7a every single day. It’s great!!

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