July Link List

Around the Interwebs

Why the two-party system is effing up the U.S. democracy. So what are we going to do about it?

Let’s call it what it is: a climate emergency.

Do you realize these are signs of privilege?

Facts that could save a life. Good to know, I guess.

Time blindness exists. This explains a lot, doesn’t it?

How to search through Instagram comments.

Finally, a Secretary of Interior to be excited about again.

Cancel Amazon Prime.

The high cost of vaccine hesitancy. Interesting take. While it doesn’t make sense to me personally, for the willfully unvaccinated, it may be easier to accept the preexisting risk of contracting Covid than to embrace the small but unfamiliar risks posed by the vaccines.” 

What vaccinated people should really know about their risk from the delta variant.

Around the blogosphere

The squiggly line effect. I absolutely believe when Kath says that “maintaining a healthy weight is not solely ruled by a mathematical formula that you must adhere to perfectly every day”. 

Oh, so cozy. 15 Decor Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces.

I liked that my friend Kate shared how she takes breaks during the remote workday.

Simple tips for a healthier life.


DIY Plant Markers

Summer Dollar Store DIY: Macrame Hanging Shelf.

So cute. Felt Outer Space Hanging Mobile.

For my runner friends

I currently don’t listen to Ali’s Podcast as often as I used to, but I’ll definitely listen to her interview with Peloton instructor Matt Wilpers. I love his classes and coaching style!

I am pretty boring when it comes to how I wear my hair for running, but I like these 5 Simple Summer Hairstyles for Runners.

Time Vs. Distance – Should you Run in Minutes or Miles?

What are The Main Differences Between Running and Jogging?


I’d love to make my own fresh gnocchi sometime. These sound so good: Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi.

I’ve been cutting peaches wrong my whole life. How about you?

Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin Milk Bread. Mmmh!

I love me some Lemon Zucchini Bread.

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  1. The one about time-blindness suggesting analog clocks instead of digital because it shows the passage of time better? I don’t have time-blindness but analog clocks for some reason just don’t mean anything to my brain at all, ha. I can read time from it if I spend a bit of time looking at it, but I much prefer looking at digital. I’m not sure how I visualize time, but it’s not analog for sure.

  2. So many good links in this post. I just got sucked in to many. And the peach thing – simple yet mind-blowing.

  3. That peach cutting tip is great! I also do not cut peaches or any stone fruit that way but will try that going forward!

  4. Time blindness is fascinating! I have the opposite of that – I am always super aware of the (literal clock) time, and I have a very good idea of how long routines take me. Usually within a minute of two. So, so interesting. Thanks for sharing – helps give me some insights into others’ behavior!

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