December Favorites

1. I really, really love the Amazon Fire 8 HD that I bought on Black Friday because I couldn’t pass up the good deal… it’s been really fun to have a functioning e-reader again and the extra functionality of being able to go online real quick or check Instagram or Facebook is really awesome. I am so happy with this purchase!

2. One of the few makeup items I swear by is a little bit of blush (to not make me look so pale and sickly, especially in the winter months – haha!). I love this Sephora blush (Color 1: Shame on you) and have purchased it repeatedly (although it does last me quite a while!).

3. One of my favorite things of December is all the Christmas mail that arrives. It truly makes the holidays that much better every year to send and receive cards from my friends and family around the world! (Thank you again to everyone who thought of us this holiday season!).

4. I think I mentioned before that it’s not Christmas without Thin Mints for me. These Choceur Mints are the Aldi-version of After Eights and they’re just as good. My Mom sent them to me because she knows I love them for Christmas!

5. These Dansko booties. Aren’t they pretty? They were expensive and J didn’t like the style very much, so I didn’t buy them… but if they ever come on sale and I am still “in love” with them, they’ll be mine :) (This is usually my rule when I want to buy anything more than maybe $50. I hardly ever buy anything on a whim, but if I still think about it a few weeks later, then I will go back and buy it – hoping that it hasn’t been sold out until then. Ha.)

6. I’ve been eating a ton of mandarins this month, not the least because it was the only thing I could actually “taste” when I was sick over Christmas. And of course the extra vitamin C couldn’t hurt! 

7. I love this calendar that I received from my cousin + his girlfriend for Christmas with some of the best photos of our road trip in September! Can’t wait to “relive” the memories throughout the next year!

I am a little behind on posting my ‘end-of-the-month (and -year!)’ posts, but I hope you won’t mind seeing some more in early January of 2018!

  1. The booties are very cute! But don’t you think you could find some almost exactly the same for a fraction of the price?

  2. That calendar is the best gift! My SIL puts one together each year with pictures of my nieces and nephews and I just love it. It’s always fun to turn the page to a new month and see what the new photos are!

  3. I’m so glad you like your Amazon Fire! I love my kindle so, so much and it’s probably some of the best $$ I’ve spent in resent years.

    Also, I’m so glad you’re finally feeling better.

  4. I made my mom one of those types of calendars one year and I know how much she loves it – I just keep forgetting to make her another one, lol. Maybe next year. ;)

    Having a Kindle is my FAVORITE and I’m glad you finally took the plunge. Woo!

  5. Those personalized calendars are such wonderful gifts! So thoughtful and fun to turn each page :)

    I love thin mints. And mandarins. I’m actually coming down with a cold and could use the extra vitamins—may have to pick up a case!

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