December Favorites

1. The only time I ever drink eggnog  is when we’re skiing in Italy, but I thought it would be nice to have it during the holiday season this year, because why not? It was a great idea!

2. I got these FILA workout pants on sale and with some Kohl’s cash, because I needed some longer pants for the winter. They’re really comfortable and I like that the side application is iridescent. Adds a nice touch.

3. Spekulatius Chocolate (from Coppenrath) found at the World Market. Oh my world, I never had these exact cookies before, but they’re amazing.

4. My new iPhone 7 ( to be clear, not the iphone 7 PLUS – it’s way too big, IMHO). Yep, so I got lucky and J and I decided to upgrade our phones for Christmas and I am so, so happy. We didn’t exchange any other gifts, but that was really fine by me. To have a phone with a battery that lasts more than 3 hours is simply amazing. I mean, I couldn’t go anywhere without a backup battery with my 5s anymore (which, for the record, held up remarkably well for over 3 years without any other issues!). A few months ago though, it started to get really bad and it frequently died on my 4+ miles runs and shut off at random. I had to charge it multiple times a day and it would completely drain and die over night, when I didn’t have it plugged in. I mean, one time, I thought it was dead for good, because it wouldn’t even come on anymore,  but I was able to revive it by heating the battery with a hair dryer (thank you, Google, for that – I thought I was out of luck two months ago). It was just so annoying and no longer sustainable.

5. Fingerless gloves are my life-saver this winter. I am working over Christmas break and let’s just say that the heating in our office building has been capricious (especially because pretty much the rest of campus is closed down). Tuesday morning, right after the holiday weekend, it was 55 degrees in my office. I NEEDED those gloves (luckily, it warmed up during the day).

6. Christmas movies. It’s really my favorite thing for the holiday season. Especially the sappy ones.  I watched quite a few this year again, including “A merry friggin Christmas”, which was new to me and must have been one of Robin Williams last movies, as it came out in 2014. I came across it randomly on Netflix. Have you seen it?

  1. Those cookies look good! I am a big cookie fan and I feel like they get a lot of attention during the holidays. Yum.

  2. I’m waiting for my iPhone 7 to be delivered. Ughhhh, hurry uppppp!

    1. I am hoping you’ll get it soon! xo

  3. I am always on the search for new Christmas movies and I have not heard of that one. I will check it out but I guess the Christmas Movie Season is over at my house…
    Happy January,

  4. OMG 55 degrees??? That is crazy cold. I would need fingerless gloves to work in that kind of environment, too! Burr!

    My 5S is still going strong but I am just waiting for it to start to fail like yours did!

  5. Oh wow, those cookies sound tasty. I looked them up and sadly they have egg in them, but chocolate-covered spekulatius? Why has no one thought of that before?

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