December Link Love

Hey guys, here’s my December round-up of noteworthy links that I found on the Internet. Enjoy!

Around the Interwebs

Why the 8-hour work day doesn’t work (anymore). Thought-provoking.

Scary to think how hard it is to change someone’s mind when you feel like you’re a pretty open person. The infuriating psychology of white women voting for Roy Moore.

I need to get one of those medal hangers.

How to treat yourself without spending money or eating junk. Love this.

When being in crowded places feels scarier than ever.

Holiday Magic is made by women. And it’s killing us. It’s true that the holidays can get extra stressful for women, because we are expected to do more of the organizing. I still enjoy it.

Productivity is really about what you don’t do.

What the end of net neutrality means for you.

Around the blogosphere

Great read by my blog friend Courtney: Why women are morbid.

The joy of a slow and simple Christmas.

I love these 60+ Minimalist Holiday Traditions. Do you have a tradition?


Looking for some Christmas printables?

Christmas morning pancakes in a jar are a great last minute DIY Christmas present.

Crazy cheap gift wrapping ideas.

DIY gold leaf star ornament.


I am making these cinnamon candied almonds for my coworkers. I hope they turn out as good as they sound.

These apple-cinnamon oatmeal bars sound delicious!

I haven’t baked any Christmas cookies this year, but I’d love to try these.

If you’re still thinking about a dessert for your Christmas dinner, might I suggest these honey-graham-hasselback-apples?

One Pan Creamy Tortellini with Butternut Squash Kale and Bacon. Enough said.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the Why Women Are Morbid post. I try to explain this to my husband! The blogger described it perfectly- we’re morbid because we have to be.

    Last week I was running in my neighborhood and I saw a man about 2 blocks away just walking in the middle of the road. It was weird. I couldn’t tell if he was walking toward me or away from me. I kept running, but every five seconds I turned around to make sure he was still 2 blocks behind me and not running after me.

  2. Thanks for linking to my post San! It has really been resonating with people which I love but man, do I wish our world was not like this. Every day I make adjustments to my behavior and I wish I didn’t feel like I have to but I do.

  3. The pancakes in a jar look awesome!

  4. That tortellini recipe is gettin’ maaaaade this winter!

  5. Cinnamon candied almonds sound amazing. I loved Courtney’s Why Women are Morbid post – it’s so true. Off to check out some of these other links.

  6. The white vote for Moore was so depressing… It’s sad that people can’t set their party allegiance aside and consider the candidate from an unbiased perspective. I don’t know how someone could vote for a child molester/pedofile. Thank God he did not win.

    My shouldless days are all about free self care! Most of the time I just take the day slower and focus on doing things that I enjoy doing versus what I feel I ‘should’ be doing and they have been soo good for me!

    I love the holidays but also agree that it can be way too busy and stressful for women. Since we have cut back on gifts and don’t do all that much decorating, it actually hasn’t been to bad for me. I love the traditions during this time of year, like having my friends and their kids over to decorate cookies. And on Friday, Phil and I will celebrate Christmas by making a special meal together. Usually we bake a GF treat to share with our families but we will skip that this year since I can’t eat sweets anymore with my gestational diabetes diagnosis. :(

  7. Thanks for this – I found some great links to read later! How to Treat Yourself Without Spending Money or Eating Junk – something I really need!

  8. I’ve got one the medal holder at the link below and I love it. I like that it allows me to show both my medals and my bibs and seeing it all hanging up makes me smile each time I pass it.

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