February Link Love

Around the Interwebs

5 Online-Shopping Browser Extensions That Effortlessly Save Me Money.

Everything is not going to be okay.

Everyone’s running – and that could be dangerous for the Democrats. How do you feel about this big field of contenders?

I totally love this approach. Treat failure like a scientist.

Why you should work less and spend more time on hobbies.

The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well.

Do you suffer from time poverty? Time for happiness.

What old story of yourself are you still believing?

How to stop overthinking everything.

Around the blogosphere

Best things to do in Denver. Well, I was just there and couldn’t really take advantage, but you can be sure I bookmarked this site.

What is food flexibility? It means, you listen to your body.

How to calculate your net worth. A complete guide. Do you know yours?


How to create your planning system.

Learn to doodle in March: 30 days of bullet journal doodles.

For my runner friends

10 things runners can stop doing in the new year.

5 nutrition tips to help with runners’ stomach.


You don’t have to go no-carb: instead, think slow carbs.

Spicy Thai Ramen.

I need to try this Chicken and dumpling soup before the cold weather is over!


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  1. 30 Days of Doodles looks like so much fun!
    The carb article is very interesting. I tried giving up all carbs a few years ago – felt SO tired all the time. Going to remember the tip on eating the bread roll after dinner :)
    I’m going to have to come back for the soup recipe because I love soup and autumn is around the corner for us.

  2. ooh, thanks for sharing these. i def clicked on a few. :) i use ynab to track net worth since all of my accounts are on there. the hard part is when the house value goes up or down or retirement accounts go up and down. it’s the market, and i’ve got no control over those other than contributing…

  3. I’m nervous about 2020. I’m hopeful, but I’m nervous. Despite the idiotic things DJT has done, I think he still has a band of loyal followers and some people would rather vote with their party than vote for a dem, which is maddening. I know we always end up with a large field of candidates that plan to run and it gets narrowed down. I just hope we end up with a candidate that broadly appeals so that you don’t have people voting for an independent which is sadly like voting for Trump. I was annoyed that the former Starbucks CEO is going to run on the independent ticket as that will just make it more likely that Trump will win, IMO.

    I tracked my finances in Mint but not all of Phil’s accounts are on there, like his investment accounts and such so we update a spreadsheet on a regular basis and that calculates our net worth. I’m glad we have a process for doing that because we had to provide that information to our attorney during the will drafting process!

  4. Thanks for the articles you shared. I found a few interesting ones again.
    Have a great weekend

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