15: November Link Love

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The dictionary of Trump. Oh my, that is hilarious. And sad.

Trump fatigue. I has it.

This interview with wealthy people and the ambivalence they feel about that wealth was fascinating. I mean, it doesn’t really help someone else’s financial situation if a wealthy person feels “bad” about having so much. “[…], we should talk not about the moral worth of individuals but about the moral worth of particular social arrangements. Is the society we want one in which it is acceptable for some people to have tens of millions or billions of dollars as long as they are hardworking, generous, not materialistic and down to earth? Or should there be some other moral rubric, that would strive for a society in which such high levels of inequality were morally unacceptable, regardless of how nice or moderate its beneficiaries are?

38 things to declutter from your life right now.

I know a lot of these things, but it’s still hard: How to get over the need to be liked by everyone you meet

I definitely believe this: Therapists tell us how the Trump era has messed with our mental health.

Al Franken really gives us something to think about in regards to social media.

How friends become closer.


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Do you pay the authenticity tax?

Sarah’s nutrition philosophy and I couldn’t agree more.

100 cheap DIY Christmas gift ideas.

How I figured out what I wanted to do with my life (and how you can too).




15 Perfect gift ideas for Bullet Journaling super stars.

My friend Sanna has been creating and sharing (for free!) her custom printable planner for a couple of years. So if you’re looking for a new planner for 2018, check it out.

Freebie! Paper Toy Lama & Kaktus How to

I love, love, love this Act of Kindness Advent Calendar. The holidays are the perfect time to do something nice for someone else.

This makes me want to get a Silhouette pronto. Hand lettered paper cut Christmas cards.




Oh, these looks delicious, not just for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving meatballs with pan gravy

Thanksgiving brunch salad. That sounds yummy AND healthy.

The ultimate guide for serving size. Useful.

This creamy Mexican Corn Chowder looks so good.


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  1. I’m definitely going to check out the recipe links! They all sound so good! The act of kindness advent calendar has my attention too!

  2. I definitely need to declutter my life. I feel like my house is closing in on me. I am going to use those tips.

  3. I love those 100 DIY gift ideas – a few on there are right up my alley for small but enjoyable things I think would make friends of mine smile. :)

    You always manage to find great links!

  4. I definitely believe Trump and the “world” he’s helping to create is seriously affecting our mental health. I’m also one of those people that want people to like her – it’s not always possible!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing my link, San!

  6. So many good links. I’m bookmarking several of these to check out. Thanks for sharing them!

  7. I haven’t read any interesting articles, so here is a link to the salad I’ll be bringing for Thanksgiving dinner at my brother’s: https://iowagirleats.com/2015/10/23/fall-shredded-brussels-sprouts-salad/ It’s soooo good! I’m also bringing the veggie tray and dips.

    I can’t even read articles about Trump anymore… I just can’t handle anything related to him and what he’s doing. They make me too ragey!!!

  8. You always find the best things on the internets, thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m sharing the Dictionary of Trump to friends! That’ s a really good one.

    Have a good weekend!
    The Fitness Bro

  10. Ah San there are so many good links here again.
    I will defiantly have to do some of the decluttering as I still have a long way to go there.
    Happy Sunday,

  11. That Trump Dictionary is magical!

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