Coffee and its mate

Something I have missed when I was in Germany was “Coffeemate” Coffee Creamer- the liquid kind, in all its wonderful flavors.

I think I am addicted :)

I remember seeing the Coffee Cream Powder in Germany and I was all excited and bought it and tried it out, just to be disappointed and left with an even greater craving for the ‘real’ kind. In my opinion, the liquid Coffeemate is much better than the powder. We also didn’t have different flavors in Germany, so now I am so looking forward to trying the Christmas flavors :)

This, in addition to some freshly ground coffee from our coffeemaker, makes for a real great start into the day!

  1. Ahhh, makes me really want some good, fresh coffee now!
    Well, I better go and get the boring office kind! Nighty night!

  2. OMG! fat free coffee mate french vanilla *drools* oh how i already miss ya, my friend… *sigh*

  3. all that coffee accessories are gorgeous. don’t we just love it? wir 2 kaffeetanten;-) well, there are things that you can only buy in special countries and they are never the same, right?
    i have to agree with kim, i already miss you tonz, too

  4. Im addicted to coffeemate Irish Cream! Yum ;-)

  5. I went to Starbucks in Nuernberg last weekend…. and I was so disappointed because they didn’t have the pumpkin spice latte that the USA usually has for the X-mas season. :( I am so lucky though because I can get all the coffee stuff on the Army post – even though I am in Germany.

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