Friday Link Love

Pinterest and Copyright: What I am doing by Amy (Blogging with Amy). How do you feel about Pinterest these days?

Living by Amber (Everything I am not). Bravo!

How to make people like you by Ashley (Writing to reach you). So true.

What I Love \ 18 Fun Free Fonts by Kayla Aimee (Kayla Aimee). Do you love fonts as much as I do?

Blog Design Tips: Images by Jo (August Empress). Some image tips.

6 Things I do to stay motivated by Holly (Holly would if she could). Nice advice from Holly.

Are you as busy as you think? by Laura Vanderkam (Wall Street Journal). Where does YOUR time go?


Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?
Happy Friday, peeps!


  1. I’m not on Pinterest, but the whole legal debate kind of freaks me out. I can see both sides of the story, really. The tips in the article you linked are great!

    Also, Ashley’s post may be my favorite ever. It’s funny, because I think we were talking about this a month or so ago and those points? Just what I needed to read!

  2. Thanks for including me! I loved Amber’s post too!

  3. I’ve been giving pinterest a lot of thought lately. I don’t know that I’ll delete my account, but I’m changing how I use it. I’ve stopped adding photos from the site to my posts for now. Not quite sure what the end result will be as I’m not a copyright lawyer, but I’m tilting more toward “better safe than sorry.”

  4. Oh the pinterest issue, I have been busy deleting boards and some pins…I just can’t bare to delete it all.

  5. Aw I feel so special :P Thanks for the love!

  6. Happy Birthday, San!!! Have a wonderful day!!

    Best wishes from FL,


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