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Are you one of those people — like me — who always wonders on Sunday night where the weekend went and why it didn’t last longer? Here’s the secret to making your weekends feel longer.

10+ Brutally Honest Illustrations that capture what’s wrong with today’s society.

Food for thought. Why Margaret Atwood says ‘it’s a form of slavery to force women to have children that they can’t afford’.

The loneliness of Donald Trump.

This is…. sick. Pun intended.

Real things you can do to combat climate change.

Don’t trust photos that you see on social media. This is awesome and eye-opening, right?

Maybe it’s not all about instant gratification? If it doesn’t suck, it’s not worth doing.

Good reminders — we’re all heading there. ’Surviving and thriving’ in middle life.


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This is so, so important to read. A thin body doesn’t equal a healthy/fit body and a couple more pounds on the scale doesn’t mean you’re fat. Some thoughts on weight.

How to deal with jerk-y comments in a classy, adult way.


Look at this embroidery work!

Crochet potholders. So colorful!


Plan your smoothies in advance.

Chimichurri goodness.

20 amazing salad recipes for this summer.


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  1. Great list. Some of those illustrations from the second link are devastating!

  2. Very interesting links you post here.
    I’m shocked about #5 (“This”) and the “Don’t Trust Photos that you see on social media” is a real eye opener. I’m also very pleased that dogs are not considered “bad” for our climate!!!

  3. The very first link holds so much truth. We have gotten into a pretty good routine during the week, which makes every day fly by in the blink of an eye. On the weekends, however, we try to fit in an adventure here and there and, yes, it makes the weekends feel so much longer.

    Also, the link about the number on the scale: I concur so much! I’ve been hovering around 160lbs which is a normal weight for my height. I’ve been weightlifting consistently for the last 6 weeks (without dropping a pound) and my body feels so much stronger and leaner than it did 2 months ago. Plus, I can eat SO MUCH! I have a friend who is a huge proponent of no exercise and supplements and I just don’t get it. I love food and enjoy the heck out of it. With just a little bit of exercise and moderation, I can look good and eat what I want.

    1. *Proponent of supplements (not no supplements)

    2. ” With just a little bit of exercise and moderation, I can look good and eat what I want.” <-- THIS 100%!!!

  4. Those illustrations are really interesting and well-done. And sadly accurate. :( The article about weight is so important. I’ve worn the same size of clothes for the last several years but in my 20s I was like 10-15 pounds lighter! So it just goes to show that it’s not all about the number of the scale as things like building muscle mass make a big difference!!

    1. I totally agree, the number on the scale means nothing…

  5. Yes, yes, yes to Margaret Atwood. That’s forever my question to folks who are super pro-life. There is a big difference IMO between wanting babies to be born, and being able // willing to provide for them until they can fend for themselves at 18.

    1. Honestly, my biggest pet peeve about the ‘pro-life’ people who don’t give a damn about babies once they’re born. This here is a provocative article, but you might enjoy this: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-pavlovitz/white-conservative-christian-friends–i-wish-you-really-were-pro-life_b_12475464.html

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