Friday Link Love

No, I will not choose happy. I’ll choose it all. by Eleni (Hope Dies Last). Please read this – thought provoking for sure!

Things I Wish I’d known before Freelancing by Ada (Of Woods and Words). Informative!

Still Shampoo Free by Ashley (Our Little Apartment). I want to try this!

Guest Recipe: Apple Brown Sugar Puff Pastries by Jessica via Ashley (After Nine To Five). Yum!

Minneapolis Skyline Pillow by Kat (Just Crafty Enough). Love the idea!

A proprosal by William (via Thought Catalog) Very well written. Sad. Humbling.


Are there any blog posts that you’d like to recommend to me this week?
Happy Friday, peeps!

  1. Thanks for linking to my skyline pillow. It’s one of my favorite projects too.

  2. I’ve totally been meaning to do more posts with links that I love because there are so many great blog posts every week… It’s really nice to share them! I also really loved Eleni’s post and Ashley over at Our Little Apartment. Looks like we’ve got a lot of blog-reads in common :)

  3. Ha! I made it onto your Friday link love! Score. Going to check out the rest now!

  4. hi! i found your blog via maedchenmitherz, and i’m so glad i did – i like it a lot!

    i read the choose happy post you liked to above and i was a bit provoked, yes. thank you for sharing.

    i just made a link post with some pretty good posts, you’ll find it here. this week i was loving tutorials extra much it seems.

    now i’m gonna read more of your posts!

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