October Link Love

You might – or might not – have noticed that I completely skipped my September Link Love post. It was due to my travel and general “absence” from the blogosphere these last few weeks, so I apologize, but here’s my list of the best links I found in the last few weeks.

Around the Interwebs

Ahm, just read this. I beg you.

How to build a skincare routine. This is really fascinating. Also, I don’t have patience for this.

Regrets you may have in 10 years.

He’s a wise men. Life lessons from Anthony Bourdain.

How to process all the recent tragedies

19 GIFs that will explain the world. Mind blown.

Tell it like it is, Amy. Sometimes you gotta give it people straight.

I love when you get to that point in life: What shit are you too old for?

Around the blogosphere

Are you friends with your parents? I expected something different from this post, but it’s still a valid read.

Here’s some truth: 4 things that happen when you move away from your hometown.

Why is it so hard to talk to white folks about racism.

Why the runner’s nod matters. I just brought this up in my Friday Five post.


Bullet Journal as a mental health tool. Love it!

11 awesome bullet journal printables.

Printable 2018 calendar.

Free SVG cut file: Thankful for you.


I can’t wait for soup season to start. I wanna try this one: Creamy Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Healthy Zucchini Muffins.

This one is really good, I tried it already: Garlic Beef & Veggie Ramen.

I’ll take two orders, please. Skinny Cajun Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Cheese Sauce.

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  1. Printable Bullet Journals?! What!! That is awesome. I started mine and did good for a few months, but got lazy :-( We have a cold front coming through today and tomorrow and I wish I would have added a soup into the menu! Clam Chowder in bread bowls would be perfect! Maybe I will get it in the next cold front. Thats South Texas weather for you! LOL . Will have to check out the rest of the links a little later, but Happy Monday!

  2. Those recipes all sound delicious! And definitely some interesting reads here, I’m going to have to check them out as I have time! Have a wonderful week!

  3. That Thai soup looks so good. I will have to make that for lunch one week! I’ve been in the mood for fall food lately, too. Plus it’s very fall like here as the temps have dropped and the leaves are changing colors.

    This is off topic but can you remind me what mascara you like? I need to purchase some soon and want to buy the kind that you’ve been happy with!

  4. I’m definitely at that point in my life where I’m too old for a LOT of stuff. :) Those muffins sound yummy. I’m off to read about the regrets article. So many cool links…thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing – I’ll have to come back later and look at some of these links, especially the ones about bullet journals, etc.


  6. Welcome back, San. I just learned about SVG cut files. I love posts like this.

  7. There is so much good reading here! I’m clicking a few of these and bookmarking to read later. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, the post about talking to white people about racism is SO GOOD. So much to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love all of these, thanks for sharing (as always!).

  10. I really *want* to have a real skincare routine, but I can’t seem to get past the wash & moisturize part.

  11. Thanks for all the wonderful links! I hope your week has gotten better! A blogger friend in Germany has a Friday Link Love post, too. Maybe you’d like to share your post on her blog? I’m sure she’d love that. tinabusch.com Here is my latest Friday Link Love: https://coellefornia.us/friday-link-love-october/

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