May Favorites

1. One thing I always miss from home is ‘multivitamin juice’, a blend of a few different kind of fruit juices (and I admit, I am a bit picky!). In the past, I was never successful finding something similar here in the US (most juice blends were thin and watery punch-like concoctions), but I recently came across R.W. Knudson Simply Delicious Morning Blend and it’s delicious and relatively thick juice and the closest I’ve come to finding something similar to the juice from back home.

2. In an effort to switch it up, I picked up a different kind of trail mix from Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago and I really, really like it. Happy Trekking Trail Mix has almonds, cashews, pistachios, cranberries, cherries, and little dark chocolate drops. It’s the perfect mix of nutty and sweet for an afternoon pick-me-up!

3. I love the illustrations by Holly Nichols and fell in love with this iPhone7 case. Isn’t it perfect?

4. Did you know it’s baseball season again? I am so excited.  What’s your favorite team? J and I are Red Sox fans and we subscribe to, so we can access all the games! Go Red Sox!

5. I had a bottle of Frühsport (the non-alcoholic, ready-to-drink version of a Radler — beer with sparkling lemon soda) when I was in Germany and that is exactly a beverage that I love during the summer. Thirst-quenching and refreshing.

6. Are you using the Ibotta App to earn cashback on your grocery purchases? If not, you should consider it. It’s super-easy to use, you just scan your store receipt and match the offers and then you’ll get a nice bonus reward in form of a gift card or Paypal payout.  You can sign up here (and get $10 after your first purchase through my referral link).

What was one of your favorite things in May?

  1. I love your list! The iPhone case is too cute! I haven’t tried the Ibotta app but I keep hearing about it so I should probably check it out!

    1. Yes, you should definitely give Ibotta a try! It’s so easy to save money!

  2. One of my favorite things in May was to see how my daughters honored their mom, who had a birthday in the same month as Mother’s Day! The biggest problem I have with trail mix (or most snacks honestly) is that one package is a serving size for me, no matter how big.

    I’m a Colorado Rockies fan and hope no one will wake me up if this early season is just a dream.

    1. Ah, that’s sweet about your daughters! :)

  3. Cute case, that artist is delightful!


  4. I’m enjoying baseball season, too. We went to an Indians game over Memorial Day weekend & had a blast!

    1. Oh that’s great… I need to go to an actual game again.

  5. That iPhone case is adorable!! I just purchased a few in super sale over the weekend because i always seem to damage my cases but may have to pick up just one more…

    I never heard of that German drink before–sounds very refreshing!

    Also I love Ibotta, use it all the time!

    1. The case is pretty slim, but very sturdy… I dropped my phone and it was still protected well!

  6. That phone case is adorable! I just clicked on her link to explore. Thanks for telling me about her!

    1. I found the artist on IG and think her stuff is delightful!

  7. That iPhone case is adorable! I wish I could get cute ones but I am such a clumsy person that tends to drop things so I need a sturdy otterbox type of case to protect my phone. Womp womp. :(

    I had so many favorite experiences in May since it was my wedding month! But one item that I loved was the Tervis covered tumbler that my aunt and uncle gave us as part of their wedding gift. Tervis products are made close to where they live in Florida. They are awesome as they are double lined/insulated so they keep things cold and they don’t sweat!! We used ours a ton when we were in Hawaii! If you haven’t heard of Tervis, you should check it out. Their stuff is also dish washer safe and it’s lifetime guaranteed!

    1. The phone case is actually pretty sturdy… I have dropped my phone and it was well protected. The most important thing is that the case goes around the edges, so that the screen is protected.

      So glad you had such an awesome May… of course your wedding was the highlight! :) And thanks for telling me about Tervis!

      1. Oh that is good to know about the phone case! I’m way overdue for an upgrade so when I do upgrade, I will look at going with something like that as it’s way cuter than my ugly otterbox!!!

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