Hello June


And just like that, it’s June. We’ve almost reached the half-way point of 2016. Can you believe it?
This month is going to be pretty low-key for me overall (as far as I can tell).

+ I will continue building up my running mileage as part of my half-marathon training (and hoping for the temperatures to stay bearable a little longer – ha! I write this as it has hit 100+F this weekend).

+ The heat has prompted me to seek out some refreshing summer snacks: watermelon anyone? (Oh, and ice-cream. Always ice-cream.)

+ I am also STILL planning to go back to yoga – ahem. I had high hopes, but didn’t make it back to the class in May, so I am putting this back on my to do – list for June.

+ There is a book event later this month. Have you heard of the “Becoming Minimalist” blog by Joshua Becker? He wrote a book (“The More of Less”) which I haven’t read yet, but he’ll be stopping in Sacramento and I might just go and check it out. I haven’t been to a book event in ages.

+ I am looking forward to watching the UEFA European Soccer Championship which will start this week. I’ll be pretty busy watching sports on TV this month with baseball season in full swing and the NBA finals going on at the same time. Will you be watching? 

+ I might have the chance to meet up with my long-time blog friend Kristen this month. Fingers crossed. That would be a highlight (esp. because we were supposed to meet up back in 2012 when J and I traveled to Boston + Connecticut, but it didn’t work out back then).

What’s going on with you in June?

  1. I need/want to get back into yoga, too, but it just keeps… not happening. This has GOT to be the month for it!

  2. June is going to go by in the blink of an eye for me, I am sure. I am headed to a conference next week and to Idaho for a family vacation the following week. Then it’s almost July and I will have a 4-day weekend. Yeah, June has barely started and I feel like it’s already over and done with!

  3. I listened to the Minimalist podcast when it first launched. That’s where I got the idea to do my purge in February. It was helpful to listen to some of the episodes and read through some of their blog entries as it made me think more about why I was holding onto certain things. I’ve done so much purging over the last 4 months and it feels so good to lighten the load.

    I can’t believe how hot it’s been there lately! We are getting a dose of hot weather later this week as it will be 97, which is really warm for June. We’ll be at a lake resort so I am kind of glad it’s going to be hot! But I know the heat gets old very fast, especially when you have long stretches of it.

    I bought my first watermelon of the season on Sunday. Phil doesn’t like it but I can eat an entire full-sized one in a week!! I think I probably ate 3 cups in one sitting on Sunday night. But it’s mostly water so I figure it’s ok to eat that much of it. It’s one of my favorite summer treats!

    For me, the focus of June is continuing on this path of recovery. Today I got cleared to do pool work so that is exciting as I’m bored with the stationary bike. Next week I should be able to do the elliptical and then the following week I can try to bike outdoors. I can’t wait to be able to do some outdoor activities as I really miss being outside and getting my sweat on!

  4. Oh yes the soccer EM. Lots of sports being watched here! And I am also trying to sign up for a yoga class so hope I finally manage. Good luck with your half marathon training.
    Cheers, Tobia

  5. I’m so late to this post, but my June has already been nuts!

    I love, love, love watermelon allllllll summer. I get whole ones, cut them up, and basically eat the whole thing myself or add chunks to smoothies or make popsicles. Soooooo good!

    Does it also get humid there? Or is it just dryer? Those temps are too high! I hope though that the weather stays good so you can practice your running mileage.

  6. My June was ALL traveling ALL THE TIME (first 3.5 weeks), and now I am all about not leaving my house under any circumstance.


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