Friday Facts


I’m working today and  while I am very thankful for my flexible hours (I’m making up some hours that I “borrowed” as vacation time when I took my trip to Germany in March), this week feels extra-long to me and I can’t wait for the weekend to start.

* * *

It almost hit the triple digits for the first time this summer here in the central valley and I am scared what that will mean for my (evening) workout routine. I probably have to switch to the gym or try to run early in the morning (which is not my preference at all). Are you a morning workout person? Or do you prefer the afternoons/evenings like me?

* * *

I’m slightly obsessed with my new project: “designing” my own knitting pattern. I’ve been researching stitches and other patterns for inspiration and it’s been fun. Which reminds me, I haven’t shown you my last finished project yet. Here you go.


What are you working on right now?

* * *

This weekend is going to be low-key overall. We’re getting pizza tonight, I’ll bake bread and make new granola and run my usual errands tomorrow. On Sunday morning, I’ll run another 10k race (more for race practice than for anything else) and the rest of Sunday will be free to relax. 

What are your plans this weekend?

  1. That scarf is gorgeous!

  2. Omg almost triple digits! Yikes! I’m really hoping our triple digits don’t hit for a LOOOOOOOOONG time! (Basically until AFTER I’ve given birth.) Definitely go to the gym and run there, even though I know it’s not the best, but it’s better than heatstroke.

    I LOVE the scarf you knitted and can’t wait to see what you create next!!

    I’m heading to a good friend’s baby shower tomorrow so I think that’ll be a lot of fun! Other than that, just the regular adulting weekend errands.

  3. Wow, that scarf is so beautiful! And I’m super impressed that you are making your own patterns. I am just not creative enough and brave enough to do that!

    Triple digits – yikes! I used to be a morning workout person but it won’t work to do that now that I live at Phil’s. It was pretty easy to do it at my condo as the gym was in my building. Now I’d have to get up so crazy early so it’s just not worth it! I guess when I am back to running eventually I could maybe do a short morning run a couple of times a week but I kind of doubt that will happen much!

  4. In my early to mid 20s, I was definitely a morning person. I’d hop out of bed at 4:30 or 5 and head out for a 3 mile run. That stopped 6 years ago. These days I can’t seem to wake up and fall asleep at 8:30. So late afternoons/early evenings are my favorite time to run – especially since I run long distance now. Last summer I wouldn’t run if it was over 100 but thankfully we didn’t have too many of those days. It takes a bit to get used to the heat but once I get acclimated, it’s not too bad. I just make sure to hydrate along the way.

  5. That scarf looks so pretty & comfy!

  6. I love that scarf!

    I am totally a morning exerciser. I have to wake up before 5am, but it’s worth it to me to get the workout done before I start my day. Otherwise, I’ll spend my entire day making up excuses for why I can’t work out – ha. It means I have to be asleep pretty early, but I like early bedtimes so it’s not much of a struggle for me.

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